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Found 1 result

  1. LoubiTek

    Need help for map editor

    I would like to design a map for the pleasure of learning. I know a little GtkRadiant because I used to inity me to create a map for Urban Terror. I wanted to know if it can be used instead of the internal editor. I saw that there was also a converter. I hope that in the future it will be possible mapped to an external editor. It would be easier for me. I do not fully understand the functioning of the internal editor and I was not the readme.html or editor.cgf. Are what the tutorial is too old, or at least was not updated? What I find unfortunate is not able to configure the buttons either directly from the interface or manually in a file. I do not know if it comes from my French keyboard "AZERTY". But I do not think. In any case, it is unbearable for me not being able to move freely with the "z" keys to the top, "q" for left, "d" to the right "s" to the bottom. I speak of the camera in the editor! I suppose it is possible with the binds. Not knowing what used file, I remain perplexed. Should you create a fichier.cfg it? Another thing, I wonder if we can start the editor directly thanks to a command in the paths either from the exe or steam. Already knowing all that, I would be able to start. Thank you for your help! Edit: I managed to take control of the map editor, this is the beginning of my map. http://imgur.com/a/dzlYb