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Found 1 result

  1. This is just an idea, not an announcement. Feel free to give some feedback. Race mode needs some tournament love. I am suggesting a double-whammy: A combined map-making and a race tournament. Here's how it might work: Week 1: Mappers get 1 week to produce an all new race map. Weeks 2-?: Racers get 1 week to achieve the best time on each map. If there are 4 maps entered, then the deadline for the best times will be 4 weeks from the start of the tournament. Final Week: Following the race tournament, all racers get to rank order the maps. The best ranked map wins. The racer with the lowest combined time on all maps wins. Mapper Rules: Map must be uploaded and available via the workshop by <date>. Map must be new (not previously uploaded to the workshop). It may not be a reworked/altered version of a previously uploaded map. Unfinished maps that a mapper decides to finish and upload for the purpose of this tournament is allowed. Mappers can submit only one map for the purposes of the tournament. The map cannot be updated/changed after the deadline date. It must be finalized. Any changes/updates will lead to disqualification of the map. Please make sure your map is bug/issue free before the deadline! The words "RACE MODE LOVIN'" need to be present and visible somewhere on the map. Entries into the tournament must be listed by the mappers on the relevant tournament thread. Racer Rules: All race times must be uploaded via Brandon's race leaderboard addon. Only default (non-experimental) movement ruleset is allowable. The use of adjusted movement physics will result in disqualification. Any attempts to use adjusted movement physics, fake times, or cheat with the use of scripts/macros/game-genie, will result in disqualification. Racers are only allowed to compete once (duh). If possible, please save your replays.