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Found 1 result

  1. Reflex-Ru Newbie Cup #2

    The background image is a vectorized screenshot of Pocket Infinity made by @tehace Reflex-RU Newbie Cup #2 The game was dead quite a while. We decided to try to involve new people to Russian community again. For some reason it's much easier to find players to newbie cup, than organizing the normal ru-cup. Brackets: Ru-Cup Newbie Cup #2 [https://goodgame.ru/cup/6223/] <--- Current Ru-Cup Newbie Cup #1 [https://goodgame.ru/cup/5201/] Ru-Cup #7 [https://goodgame.ru/cup/5077/] Ru-Cup #6 [http://challonge.com/ru/reflex_ru_6] Ru-Cup #5 [http://challonge.com/ru/reflex_ru_5] Ru-Cup #4 [http://challonge.com/ru/reflex_ru_4] Ru-Cup #3 [http://challonge.com/ru/reflex_ru_3] Ru-Cup #2 [http://challonge.com/ru/reflex_ru_2] Ru-Cup #1 [http://challonge.com/ru/reflex_ru_1] Date: 26.11.2017 16:00 msk gmt+3 Streams: @Furioness [https://goodgame.ru/user/593944] [Ru] (If you want to stream our little event, let me know. It will be boring by the way) System: double elimination bo3, Loser Bracket bo1, Loser Bracket Final bo3, grandfinal bo3 Ruleset: Competitive Map-pool: Simplicity, Fusion, Catalyst Picking the map: /roll 100; DE: W: Roll winner L: Roll loser bo3 - Pick[L]-Pick[W]-Decider bo1 - -Drop[L]-Drop[W]-Decider Prize-pool: ~ $80 Thanks for the donations to: @Kyto ~20$ @chortas ~$12.5 @LKO-,- ~$5 @sesen ~$1 @w96k ~$30 You can donate to prize pool anytime, would appreciate that. To do that, contact @w96k in discord Reflex-Ru Discord channel: Reflex-RUIf you decided to learn Russian