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    Please help me list movies, their creators, and a link to view them. There's quite a lot of short videos out there and various types of non-movies (VODs, commentary, etc.), so let's stick with a criteria where it's just "movies". Here's a list (in date and genre order) to get started with: FRAG MOVIES: Sprode: A Reflex Frag Movie by @Koala Reflex Custom Ruleset Tournament Highlights by @cuppers Time to start by @Hasu z Lasu Wavey by @Profanum A Short Reflex Movie by @CrazyAl Reflex Danskyto by @CrazyAl https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B11eMCGfIb9wdUgwUHIxbDlYTEU Reflex: The Dankening by @danskq -- Reflex & Chill 2: Gone Shafe by @Terifire Reflex & Chill by @Terifire The Boltening by @danskq RACE MOVIES: Engine by @lolograde https://streamable.com/eqd5e Reflex Racing 2016: A Christmas Special by @slobo^-
  2. Reflex Arena Player Settings

    Thought It'd be interesting to gather Reflex player settings to one place. Here's a link to the google sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bLvFXcR4OB_0QLoxwO3iNZ_8MMekNTQF3qsCn3OCAO4/ (sheet) At the top there's a hyperlink to google forms where you can fill your own settings that will be automatically added to the google sheet. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/18n-33T6T4zBmC3R5dr3N2lSgsUc6A0vMxRAF6Vopk_Y (link to the form)
  3. Reflex Monthly Cups

    Announcing the Reflex Monthly Cups! Reflex has been in need of a more established competitive scene for some time. Competing at a high level in any game requires time and dedication. The goal of the Reflex Monthly Cups is to give those who have the drive to compete in duel the guarantee that their commitment will be rewarded. Our goal is not to provide two tournaments or ten tournaments, but to provide a sustainable framework for competitive and dependable Reflex duel tournaments that will continue as long as there is demand and people willing to organize them. Our target is to hold one tournament every two weeks, alternating between NA and EU. In other words: one duel tournament every 4 weeks for each region. RMC is a purely volunteer effort, but we will do our best to consistently meet this goal. VODs and highlights of the tournaments can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt3JBOnzAk4WD1dgnHGOvJQ Replay packs for each tournament will be provided in the result posts (see below, previous editions) The developers confirmed in August that the custom ruleset will replace the current competitive ruleset in the next patch. The Monthly Cups will be played on this finalized custom ruleset. How to play on the custom ruleset : http://reflex.fun/ruleset.html#Playing Players of any skill level and any region are welcome and encouraged to compete in every Reflex Monthly Cup. Each cup is limited to 32 participants, so register early! (if the participant cap is reached, you can still signup, you will be added to the waiting list and get automatically added if someone drops out) Upcoming Editions : Reflex Monthly Cup NA#2 Starting time : Sunday, January 7, 2018 at 02:00 PM EST (UTC-5) Stream : https://www.twitch.tv/delementary Bracket : http://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/RMCNA2 Sign-up : http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/dGJ84UMCC7 Communication : https://discord.gg/VzCft2K Prizepool : https://matcherino.com/tournaments/8746 Reflex Monthly Cup EU#1 Starting time : Sunday, December 17, 2017 at 5:00 PM CET (UTC+1) Stream : https://www.twitch.tv/arenafps Bracket : http://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/RMCEU1 Sign-up : http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/0f64SvK3ap Communication : https://discord.gg/yfezYpx Prizepool : https://matcherino.com/tournaments/8744 Prizepool Current cap : $75 (for each single tournament) The prizepool cap will be increased if community donations allow it. Distribution : : 50% + Reflex Monthly Cup Shovel (In-game unique melee item) : 35% : 15% ($2.5 will be used at each edition to cover server costs). You can contribute to the prizepool by donating on Matcherino. RMC EU#1 - https://matcherino.com/tournaments/8744 (Funded) RMC NA#2 - https://matcherino.com/tournaments/8746 RMC EU#2 - https://matcherino.com/tournaments/8747 Remember that the goal is sustainability. Donating small amounts regularly is more helpful than a single large donation. Thank you for keeping competitive Reflex alive! Rules Map pool : -The Catalyst (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=608558613) -Furnace (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=608417285) -Pocket Infinity (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=609506884) -Ruin (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=595872330) -Simplicity (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=609501573) Tournament matches must be played on the official versions if the game is streamed, both players can agree to play on a clean version otherwise. Registration : Participants must sign up on challonge at least 1 hour before the tournament begins. Players must also join https://discord.gg/zUXuDcg on discord to participate. Use the provided EU or NA channels. On the day of the tournament participants must check-in on the challonge page. Players will have a 1 hour window to check-in before the tournament begins. Communication: Players must be present in the EU or NA channel in the RMC discord : https://discord.gg/zUXuDcg Matches will be started and servers will be assigned by admins in these discord channels. Any question or unusual event that may occur (delay, server problem...) will be announced and discussed by the admins in these discord channels. Nickname : Participants must use the same name on challonge, discord, and in-game. Participants must use their main steam account and the nickname they are known by throughout the tournament. If you recently changed your nickname or you anticipate confusion as to who you are, please communicate with admins so the participants can be seeded properly. Deliberately "fake nicking" or account sharing will result in disqualification from the tournament. Match system : Winner's bracket matches will be Best of 3 (The player who wins 2 maps wins the set), grand final will be double Best of 3 maps (if needed). Most loser's bracket matches will be Best of 1/sudden death (the player that wins the map wins the match) except the final 2 matches of loser’s bracket, which will be Best of 3 (4th place match and Loser's bracket final). Map selection system : Use the 'roll' command in console to determine which player drops first. (The player with the highest roll is the roll Winner) W: Roll winner L: Roll loser BO3 : Drop(L)-Drop(W)-Pick(L)-Pick(W) - The remaining map is the tiebreaker map (Maps are played in order of picks) BO1 : Drop(L)-Drop(W)-Drop(W)-Drop(L) - The map remaining after drops is the map to be played Match reporting : Players must report their match on challonge using the pen button corresponding to their match or report the score to an admin on discord. Manipulating scores or reporting false scores will result in disqualification from the tournament. Scheduling : Players have 10 minutes to join the server and start the match once a server is assigned by an admin, matches should start as soon as possible once the server is assigned by an admin. Servers : Players will be provided and assigned to a server for each of their matches by an admin in the discord channel. Tournament matches must be played only on the provided server so that scores can be verified and replays can be easily retrieved. If matches are played on a different server than the one assigned, the results of those games will be nullified and the games must be replayed on the assigned server. Servers will be hosted in Frankfurt (DE) and London (UK) for EU editions. Servers will be hosted in Silicon Valley (West), Chicago (Central), and New Jersey (East) for NA editions. EU editions : EU_player vs EU_player matches will be played on a Frankfurt (DE) server. EU_player vs NA_player matches will be played on a London (UK) server unless the EU player has a higher ping than the NA player. In case of a server disagreement, a Frankfurt (DE) server will be used. In the case of NA_player vs NA_player, a New Jersey (East), Chicago (Central) or Silicon Valley (West) server will be used. NA editions: NA_player vs NA_player matches will be played on a East, Chicago (Central) or Silicon Valley (West)server depending on the player's server possibilities, (West, Central // Central // Central, East), please let admins know in which category you belong before the tournament starts, failing to do so will result in playing on the default location : Chicago (Central). NA_player vs EU_player matches will be played on a New Jersey (East) server unless the NA player has a higher ping than the EU player. In case of a server disagreement, a Chicago (Central) server will be used. In the case of EU_player vs EU_player, a Frankfurt (DE) or London (UK) server will be used. Replays can be found during the tournament at http://server_ip/replays/ , a replay archive will be made available when the tournament is over. Spectators : Spectating tournament games on the servers is not allowed. Streamers, casters and admins are the only allowed spectators on the servers. Report it to an admin if you notice unapproved spectators. Disconnection/crash during a game : If one of the players disconnects from a game, he will automatically lose the game unless the other player agrees to a rematch (a full 10 minute rematch). Behavior : Unsportsmanlike conduct (harassment, flaming) to players, admins, casters, or spectators will result in disqualification from the tournament. The rules are enforced at the discretion of the admins. Any situation not covered by these rules will be judged on a case-by-case basis by the admins. Previous editions : -RMC NA#1 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool http://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/ Reflex Monthly Cups --- Staff Head Admins : Ramagan – joined 01.11.2017 DazedSpartan – joined 01.11.2017 Tournament Admins : DazedSpartan – joined 01.11.2017 Ramagan – joined 01.11.2017 Sharqosity – joined 01.11.2017 Trial Admins : TehMeh - joined 04.12.2017 Ethan Lovin – joined 04.11.2017 Owl Ragnar – joined 10.11.2017 erad – joined 24.11.2017 ezromer – joined 05.12.2017 Server Admin : Ramagan – joined 01.11.2017 Public Relations : DazedSpartan – joined 01.11.2017 Goulox – joined 05.12.2017 Video content : cupcake (Highlights) – joined 01.11.2017 lolograde (Highlights) – joined 01.11.2017 RMC banners created by lolograde Original logo created by s.i. RMC Staff members can participate in the tournaments. A tournament admin cannot simultaneously participate and serve as an admin of the same cup. We encourage admins to compete in the cup of their region and serve as an admin for the other region. We are looking for volunteers eager to help us improve the quality of these tournaments. We are looking for additional tournament admins. A tournament admin is mostly active on tournament day, his main tasks are : -Coordinating players on tournament day (reminding players to sign up and check in) -Sending players to servers -Answering questions -Enforcing tournament rules If you believe you can be of service, please contact @Ramagan#3970 on discord. Thank you!
  4. Hey everyone, here's a full race movie featuring top records on maps with weapons on them! I had a bunch of fun running these maps and editing this video, and I hope everyone can enjoy it as much as I did creating it. I'm open to any feedback/critique from anyone
  5. Reflex Duel Guide

    I'll be starting a Duel guide series on youtube, mostly aimed at current and upcoming duelers that want to improve. Feel free to provide feedback on the videos and suggest topics you want to cover, the first few videos will be about the basics, I'll probably go into the more advanced stuff as the series goes on. Playlist 1. Introduction 2. Fundamentals 3. Movement Thank you for watching !
  6. [0.49.1] Full MouseWheel rotation

    Just picked up the game and was wondering if there was a way to make the mousewheel go all the way back around to first weapon or all the way backwards (like it does in quake)? As it is I'm unsure of a way to get back around to 1 without actually cycling though or pressing the 1 key. Thanks in advance, Z
  7. Mapping question

    Howdy folks. Got a bit of a two sided question here. Working on a training/duel map from the older Q1 days and I couldn't see to be able to get a working door. Are there no working doors? Specifically team based doors (one team can go through and the other can not). Not being able to make a proper door (like I wanted) - I opted to using teleporters. But same issue, I could not find a teamclip function that would allow TeamA to go though and not TeamB (TF days). Anyone have any input on how to get either a door or a working teamclip? Thanks in advance, Z
  8. hey, this was supposed to be released december 26th, but i just couldnt make it in time. it was so much work + some serious IRL issues came up around christmas time as well unfortunately. anyway here it is - my christmas present for the whole (racing) community. enjoy.
  9. Here are videos of me doing the maps raw blockings of the basic level layouts. There has been some doubt about wether I made the Quake 4 map remakes, this is to prove also that I did make them. Phrantic Placebo Effect Armouredcore Lab The Lost Fleet Disclaimer: Below features a map stealing cheap degenerate fuck. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=788195198&searchtext=monsoon Map built from my geometry and brushwork, doesn't have the quake 4 geometry because it's stolen work and thus identical to my release, instead of the quake 4 release. @Joe http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198151022705 http://forums.reflexarena.com/index.php?/profile/2782-joe/ Chat transcript showing crazy madness from verbal freak joe. Proof of my map not being 100% identical to work of Lukin because it's all handmade and not a porting. Main Atrium 8units vs 48units RA Room 680units vs 752units. RL Pad 440units vs 376units RL Stairs 132units vs 72units YA Hallway 832units vs 760units See joe, you were wrong as I told you.
  10. 2016-10-16 | Bunny Cup NA

    REFLEX BUNNY CUP NA Game Type: 1v1 Date : October 16, 2016 Starting time : 14:00 EST (13:00 to 14:00 for check-in) Stream : https://www.twitch.tv/Delementary Second Stream: http://twitch.tv/fractaljaguar Brackets : http://challonge.com/BunnyCupNA Sign-ups : http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/1UuQRW2RlL Discord: https://discord.gg/z28x7HZ Prize Pool : $300 USD + Supporter Crowbar Prize pool distribution : 1st : 50% $155.55 + Supporter Crowbar 2nd : 30% $93.33 3rd : 15% $46.66 4th : 5% $15.55 Donations Welcome! Donations will be divided amongst the top 4 players according to the percentage listed above. Paypal (innocuoussleep@outlook.com) Current donors: Thump4: 11.11$ Map pool : -Furnace -Pocket Infinity -Simplicity -Static Discharge -The Catalyst General Rules: Please provide us with two points of contact so we may reach you before and during the cup. NO EXCEPTIONS. Join https://discord.gg/z28x7HZ or add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mmmmw/ Competitive ruleset will be used for this cup, utilizing any other ruleset will disqualify both players. Be autonomous, contact your opponent, play your match, report the score to discord/challonge/admins. Tardiness will lead to potential disqualification, make sure to show up to your match within 10 minutes of match announcement. Unsporting behavior (excessive trash talk, rage quit, grieving) will disqualify you. Match system : Winner's bracket matches are BO3. Loser's bracket matches are BO1 except the last 2 rounds which are BO3. Picking system : Use the console command /roll 100 (Player with the highest number is declared winner) BO3 : (L)Drop | (W)Drop | (L)Pick | (W)Pick : The last map will be the tiebreaker map if needed. (Maps are played in order of picks) BO1 : (W) Drop | (L)Drop |(W)Drop | (L) Drop Double BO3 Finals: (LB) Drop | (WB)Drop | (WB) Pick | (LB)Pick : The last map will be the tiebreaker map if needed. (Maps are played in order of picks) (Another round of drop/pick will be needed if the tournament goes into 2nd BO3) Servers : Servers generously provided by Linden at Swiftnode. No unauthorized spectators will be allowed on the servers Severs are password protected, contact admins ahead of time to receive the password. Any server can be used in case we are not able to provide one for you as long as both opponents agree and only if the server records replays can be accessed. Concerning European participants: Euro vs East Coast: Played on East Coast servers Euro vs Central: Played on East Coast servers Euro vs West: Played on Chicago servers In case of a server disagreement between players, server will be decided by an admin State divisions go as follows: West: AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NM, NV, WA, WY Central: AL, AR, IL, IN, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, MS, OH, OK, SD, TX, WI East: CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, MA, ME, MD, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VA, VT, WV Admins : S ° I Qualx Anti-cheat : Qualx Streamers: Delementary Jaguar
  11. my question is, if when using lower fov, do i need to change sens, or it scales it perfectly automatically? in quakelive I used this formula k = arctan[ 0.75 * tan( zoomfov / 2 ) ] / arctan[ 0.75 * tan( cg_fov / 2 ) then this k value multiplied by the sensitivity I wanted to have the same feel with it for example, let's say I use sens 3.4 for all weapons, and fov 100 for all weapons except rail where I use fov 90, so it would go like this: k = arctan[ 0.75 * tan( 90 / 2 ) ] / arctan[ 0.75 * tan( 100 / 2 ) ] k = 0,88224854485347407492157566599146 this value, multiplied by the "default" sens of 3.4 gives us 2,999645052501811854733357264371 in quake you had 7 decimals of precision, so 2.9996450 this is the sens that I would use for my rail bind with the fov 90 Now when I play, I will move the same cm in sens 3.4 fov 100 and fov 90 with that sens, get it? which gave me perfect feel compared to the rest of the fovs (I use lower fov for rail) by perfect i mean, same cm moved in real life (with the mouse) to turn same distance ingame with both fovs so my question is, does reflex automatically, or you do need to do this too? because i think it doesn't, I mean, when I use a lower fov, I have to move the mouse less cm to turn the same distance that I would need to move with the higher fov

    I started playing Reflex today with a friend of mine and decided to record some ingame footage to edit it! Unfortunately, it's quite hard to record proper clips and cinematics in this game due to the lack of: a pov demo recording system (or even something like a "theater-mode") changeable "timescale" (a value that determines the general speed of the game) Anyway, this is the result :
  13. I've been a long time CS, Quake, Unreal, etc player and my favorite shooter was an arcade arena shooter called "War: Final Assault". While I also enjoyed the arcade game "The Grid" and Dreamcast's "Outtrigger", War: FA was King. I played this game often in 1999-2000 with 2 other friends on 3 cabinets though there were up to 4 linkable cabinets. A co-op mission mode is also available. There's no footage of good players playing deathmatch in 1st person, but here's a video of a guy roaming around the deathmatch levels of the game, mostly in the awful 3rd person view. This video should give you an idea of how the game works. Reflex could adopt some new ideas to separate itself from Quake, make the game stand out, and become popular. The guns and gameplay got stale in Q3/QL and think the same will eventually happen to Reflex without expanding its arsenal. War: FA is one of games the devs should study because it is a favorite of the few who had a chance to play it. Suggestions I'd like to make: *Co-op mode vs. bots. I enjoyed the queued instances of Global Agenda for example. *Drops/Items/Levels. A system of leveling, drops and skins to give incentives for players to keep playing. *Less starting HP in its current state or more powerful weapons. *A variety of weapons and default weapons other than the burst gun. Machine guns, pistols, flamethrowers, heat-seeking missiles, mortars, etc. *Classes as in TF2. Different starting weapons, speed, movement, size, hitboxes for example. *Map design and more maps. It's good we have a built in editor for this purpose. The current maps are well designed. Most maps consists of narrow pathways, 2-3 levels, and numerous small rooms. Would like to see more open maps, 1-room arenas with some cover as seen in War: FA. Large maps supporting several players and gametypes. *Built in queue for 1v1, affa, ffa 3-max, 4-max, 5-max, co-op missions, server lists, etc. Support 12-32 players maps and game modes such as tdm, ctf, control points, bomb/defusal, etc. *Bunny hopping left and right is limiting in Reflex if you're coming from games like CS 1.6 or Warsow. Would like to see that style used in this game. *Team Competitive mode with objectives. Respawn and no respawn. Choice of preloaded weapons or other weapons system of some sort. *More powerups of various types spawned around the maps. Movement buffs, damage, speed, jump, health, weapon, vision buffs, etc. *Male/Female characters. Better customization. *Secondary fire and zoom weapons. Zoom for bolt rifle. *Last used weapon switch button "q". *Headshots with and kill streak announcements which and is missing in Reflex. *Weapon balance. Shotgun and burst gun feels underpowered. Hope the devs will consider some of my suggestions. Looking forward to the updates and official Reflex release.
  14. Meeting the odd norwegian from time to time, and starting to get to know some swedes and danes. Just looking for other fellow beautiful creatures to have hot reflex action with. Så hvem er vi egentlig? Jeg tror faktisk vi er flere enn man skulle tro. NORWAY: Owl, Maltek, xx, Psilocybin - ????? SWEDEN: PixelTerrorist, PulseEater, Notrallon, Kristus, B0H, Vingtner, Jukebox. qufit - ???? DENMARK: PromEUs, AND, Bjarke - ??? PerkeleParty: DraQu and Danskq Prise olja og NRK!
  15. Title is serious. So, here's the deal: There's a writer/director who has been making a work of fiction about eSports, and after talks with newborn & team, he decided to pick Reflex as the game that will be featured in his movie. That paragraph is so cool that it needs to stand on its own. Anyway, we need the community's help! I wrote the choreography and Entik is going to do in-game sequence editing once we have demos. Now that 0.38 is released, we are at the point where we need to start recording demos of the choreographed scenes. We also could use some help in personalizing UIs of the characters to help reinforce that each player's point of view is his own. I'll be contacting players to help us out in getting things together, but I wanted this post to be a quick and dirty reference for the fictional characters in the story (names in game, player colors, thought for hud development). So, our cast of characters are: "Pulse" - cl_playercolor* set to 6 (blue) "eGo" - cl_playercolor* set to 12 (yellow) "TANK" - cl_playercolor* set to 42 (green) "cranKEd" - cl_playercolor* set to 14 (orange) "mirage" - cl_playercolor* set to 2 (pink) "L3ader" - cl_playercolor* set to 15 (white) "Phantom" - cl_playercolor* set to 48 (red) "ChUcKy" - cl_playercolor* set to 50 (magenta) "oO Inhale Oo" - cl_playercolor* set to 63 (grey) "xX Exhale Xx" - cl_playercolor* set to 63 (grey) There will be more characters, but their names/settings aren't as important. In fact, if you wish, you can you use your usual name in game (nothing offensive/obscene) and might even show up on the big screen :). Any time we're recording content with people "acting" as these characters, we'll require that your colors and name be set according to the above. I won't be able to give out the script, but I'll be able to pass around parts of the choreographed scenes we are going for and say what we're trying to get out of them. Some time tomorrow (12/15/15) I hope to get shortened versions of the choreographed scenes into a text format that people can use as a basis for recording replays to use in the movie. Pulse uses default hud, basic white + xhair of standard size. Ego's hud is minimalistic, dot crosshair, whatever color works. Mirage's hud will be a copy of Ego's. Tank's hud will be macho with a big/bold font, orange crosshair, interesting styles. Cranked's hud is whacked out/disorganized, green crosshair, maybe a weird xhair graphic? Phantom's hud close to Pulse's but minor changes (vertical instead of horizontal weapon bar), CS style crosshair (with the middle missing). For any characters past that, we're open to ideas. Unique, cool stuff, simple, whatever - just make it distinct from the important characters listed. To anyone who wants to make us a HUD, feel free to link a screenshot along with whatever changed files (and a saved configuration) you had. Final decision on what HUDs to use will come down to the director's approval. Personally, I can't wait to see this all come together. It's going to be great :D.
  16. So PAX just released their 2016 date, November 4-6 2016, for Melbourne Australia. What do people think about Reflex having a stand there, would you visit them if you were going?
  17. I have a new "GOALS" section with lots of gifts for the loyal viewers and also I will be playing AFPS games like reflex + quakeworld and something you might not like but cs:go as well! Keep on watching and supporting! Webcam soon hopefully so you can all gaze at the beauty of sane and enjoy my singing when I get it too! http://www.twitch.tv/liveanton
  18. Reflex Kenya!

    Hello! I've been feeling lonely here in Kenya, and playing on other servers I get a minimum 150 ping, I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem, so I decided, why not bring together all the Reflex gamers over here in Kenya? I'll be setting up tournaments, group events and more to keep the group going. This group is free to join for all Reflex players in Kenya. Feel free to add me on Steam with the same username for any discussions or queries or requests on becoming an admin/mod of the group. Hope to see y'all soon! Link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ReflexKenya
  19. Hi I would like to share my suggestion that it would be very nice to have little preview pictures for maps in the menu section, where you will start a game and where you can select a map. I think it would be a nice design-addition to have the mapnames as they are now but a but with the rectangle to be a bit thicker and having the mappreview-pic as an underlay under the map-name-text. Additionally adding a checkbox somewhere there in that menu, which will enable a preview window, that will additionally show the complete map-preview-pictures, when you select one of the maps. Greets, I'm liking the latest additions to the game! Keep doing the good stuff! Cafijn
  20. PRISTINE GAMING SANE GLSAZKThe GREAT pristine gaming #1 clan in Reflex is currently looking for a 4th player. As you see we have the top3 players in the WORLD waiting to attack and waiting for any enemies to approach. If you feel you are ready to be the best and want to learn and achieve greatness please feel free to reply or privately message me @ #pristine GET READY FOR THE REVOLUTION! WE NEED RIVALS PRISTINE GAMING
  21. IRC Bot for 1v1's

    Hey guys, In the #reflex IRC channel I've added a bot named "SERVERBOT" if you send !help to the main channel he will respond with available commands. Currently he acts a relay to create temporary game servers. If you type "!requestserver dallas" (without quotes) he will create a 1v1 server for you in Dallas that will stay online for 90 minutes. After the 90 minutes you can request another server, currently there is only 10 server slots total, and you can only request one server per user. The available server locations are france, dallas, losangeles, montreal make sure they're lowercase. If you happen to stumble across a bug, or make the bot crash, you can drop me a message here, or you can email me directly at calvin AT swiftnode.net, the logging system for the bot is pretty extensive so it should provide enough detail that I won't need users to contact me, but it never hurts to have extra information. Tomorrow I'll work on adding all the maps from reflexfiles to the slave machines so you guys can play any maps you want, for now it's just the stock maps. The bot is not multithreaded so he may be a little slow with his response, it generally doesn't take more than 5 seconds to get a server. Have fun!
  23. I have ran 2 successful tournaments, SANETOPIA 1 & SANETOPIA 2: THE RETURN! I want someone to take over and run some amazing USA tournaments, I will help find people etc if needed, but you will be HEAD admin. The question is.... WHO wants to be this great admin. Please come forward and claim your prize. LETS DO IT RIGHT USA, WE WILL EXCEED THE HYPE METER! PLEASE REPORT IN
  24. Hey all, I played Weapons Factory Arena for Quake 3, Team Fortress for Quake World, TFC, and TF2. This is a phenomenal platform and I think a Team Fortress style game-type is worth looking into. Seeing as TF2 is slow, boring, and repetitive, a fast-paced version on a $10 package like Reflex could be pretty sick. Look up Weapons Factory Arena on Youtube and see what you think. It may add some value to this game with a mode that has somewhat been streamlined by TF2, Battlefield, all the other class based games, but has MAJOR room for improvement. Weapons Factory had all of the same classes as Team Fortress Classic + Grappling hooks and many more gadgets. I am not dissing the old school deathmatch game types (1v1, CTF, TDM, FFA, Etc.), I have a dueling background myself. I am simply stating that combining classic arena game play with the popularity of TF2 could be pretty awesome.
  25. The best of both worlds?

    I am new to the Reflex scene and really want to look into few players both of the Europe scene and the NA scene. Who are the top 3-5 players in NA and the top 3 players in Europe? Just give a list I will look to seek out those players and catch some demos or youtubes on them. Thanks -TylerG