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Found 11 results

  1. So, I remade Quake 1's Aerowalk faithfully in Reflex. For now, I'm just tossing it on ReflexFiles.com, so here it is. Thanks to Praxismo for the help with the lights behind teleport destinations/under the wind tunnel, as well as under-weapon lighting. I'm still debating on whether or not I should scale this map up slightly to make it so that you can't jump to Red Armor in a single circle jump. Any thoughts there are welcome. Edit: applied fixes per Benroads. (Thanks!)
  2. Ethiixx

    Hells Gate [q3tourney3]

    Finally finished my First map! A remake of a classic, small and popular Quake 3 Arena map. Includes: Rocket Launcher Bolt Rifle Shotgun Ion Cannon Plasma Rifle 1 Red Armour 1 Yellow Armour 1 Green Armour 6 Armour Shards 2 50 HP 2 25 HP 6 5 HP I have added a few double jumps and such to improve the flow of the map with the pace that Reflex has. Good for FFA, 1v1 and TDM. I'd suggest a max of 6 Players for TDM or FFA. SCREENSHOTS: http://imgur.com/a/0GJTB DOWNLOAD LINK: http://reflexfiles.com/file/257 You can play it on the my hosted server, TranQuilityGaming.net AUS/NZ @ Hope you enjoy! CHANGLOG: 06-05-15: Removed the Tacky "Hells Gate" Text on the sign. Fixed some Player Clip Exploits. Added new skill jumps. Extra textured areas.
  3. Soulmarine


    Check out my vision of Q3dm6... I call it "REFLEXGROUNDS" More info on my webpage
  4. Soulmarine

    [Eliteforce] Deltastation [WIP]

    WIP Preview download here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wyn2d0jnbq9r701/SMR-Deltastation.rar Map is Work in progress, so yea there are some bugs.. I need help with weapon/pickup placement, check out existing placement in map preview...any comments or feedback would be helpful
  5. chortas

    artcdm2 - "Highrise"

    Hello everyone, we made a not competitive remake of popular CoD:MW2 map "Highrise" for Reflex. It should be fun to play FFA and maybe TDM(2v2 3v3). What i want to know, is that map playable in such fast paced game as Reflex or not? Download here - http://reflexfiles.com/file/259 some screenshots:
  6. Hi all I'm working on a old Quake1 map remake DM1 (Place of Two Deaths) as a practice This is my first Reflext map project. Check it out, it is work in progress Thanks Beta2 Compariosn (2mb image): Original quake map video: New updates soon....
  7. UPDATED Map file here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rnp5kwesbrr532t/SMR-TORNGLORY.zip http://reflexfiles.com/file/234 ========================================================= 13/04/2015 Torn Glory Reflex v. ========================================================= Map name: Torn Glory Reflex Bsp name: SMR-TORNGLORY Remake Author: Soulmarine Remake For: Reflex Status: WORK IN PROGRESS v1.0.0.7 Compatible version: 0.33.2 or higher ========================================================= Original Map Author: Dan 'CardO' Shannon Map Origin: Quake2 ========================================================= Tip: If lightmaps are invalid please rebuild lightmaps with r_lm_build Plans: Pickups must be redone,Lights must be redone,Textures must be redone Bugs: Strange Conical Green light clipping through map (can't find fix for it) ========================================================= PICKUPS ========================================================= Armor: 1xRed 1xYellow 1xGreen 9xShards ========================================================= Health: 1xBlue 1xRed 4xYellow 12xGreen ========================================================= Weapons: 2xBolt Rifle 1xGrenade Launcher 1xIon Cannon 2xRocket Launcer 1xPlasma Rifle 1xShotgun ========================================================= Utility: 1xTeleport 1xJumppad 7xSpawn Points 2xQuick Access Rocketjump points for red armor, blue health ========================================================= Original map preview: Remake Preview (without lightmaps)
  8. Skull Hunt is a map that never got the attention it deserved in QW. I decided to remake it for Reflex, and I think it turned out quite nicely. The map should be well suited to duel and small FFA. Possibly 2on2? I have uploaded the map on ReflexFiles.
  9. Hey guys. I've been playing lots of Half-Life 1 in the past.. So I want to recrate some of my favourite Half-Life maps for Reflex. My first attempt is stalkyard, a map with a storage room, mainyard, backyard, toproom and some corridors which connect these. The map is (besides of textures) almost done, but I still need help with finding the perfect item-balance. In Half-Life this was one of the most popular 1v1 maps and I think it could work well in Reflex aswell. So I am really looking for testers here to make this map work in duel. Screenshots: ReflexFiles.com Link: http://reflexfiles.com/file/116 Edit: New version online - Updated item-balance, fixed lightleaks (thx tehace)
  10. Devil

    CTF1 Modified Remake

    Working on a CTF1 remake that will be modified to suit Reflex's faster CPM physics. This version is already a slightly modified version of CTF1 that debuted in an Insta-Unlagged tournament back in like 2004. This is going to be a remake of my own remake if that makes sense. This time around I'm going to clean up poor brush work and add new features such as double jumps and beveled edges for speed. One thing I never liked about this map was the huge bottleneck in the middle of the map. There are no alternate routes so a 5v5 clan CTF game on this map was furious and bloody in the middle. I'm not going to add additional routes to this map because it's been done before and they are generally not well received. So I'm just going to focus on some very small modifications that will improve the flow and make for a more strategic advantage for attackers and not defenders. This map heavily favors defenders so I'm going to try and even that out by putting better pickups in the center of the map therefore discouraging turtle defenses. Reflex makes it so easy to find light leaks and do much more precise brush work to contain light leaks. As you can see there are leaks everywhere. There are hundreds of tiny brushes in here. Admittedly I was a really piss poor map designer back in 2004 and had no idea how to fix light leaks. Thanks to Chronokuns Q3ToReflex map converter for doing such an amazing job that it ported over all of my old mistakes too. Even though CTF mode still seems like a long way off I'm going to do this just as a fun project. Don't intend for this map to be played much and it certainly cannot ever be released with Reflex or entered into mapping competitions. It's a good project just to rehash an old friendly face that's all. This will be another build topic and probably one that I'll be live streaming while working on in the future. I'm not really into 1v1 or FFA maps. It's a CTF life for me. These are the kind of maps that I'd rather be working on.
  11. I also remade Quake 1's DM3 faithfully in Reflex. For now, I'm just tossing it on ReflexFiles.com, so here it is. This map (QWDM3.map) was created by KovaaK with much help from Praxismo. The original Quake 1 dm3.map source file was used, and it was released under GNU General Public License. As such, this recreation of dm3 in Reflex is also released under GPL. See the text file contained within the zip. As ammos have not yet been added to Reflex, I feel that this map is not really ready for play. The SNG room is just a health resupply point, and the only way you can get ammo is by playing on the bridge side of the map, which is kind of weird. Once ammo is added to the game, I will make it a point to update this map.