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Found 12 results

  1. Since the UI is all in lua maybe there could be a folder where you drop translation files which would replace text strings in the UI. The translation file would be a long list of text strings like: "find server" = "translated text" "load map" = "translated text" It could be integrated with lua workshop in the future under its own category. One issue would be with other widgets, it might not work to also translate them because you cant rely on someone translating every user made widget out there when they are released. Users could then create language addons and others could subscribe to the one they need.

    [Feature Request] Editor Password

    Players can only enter editor mode if they know the password.
  3. TornadoStorm

    [Long Term Request] Mission mode

    Hello! After doing a replay-through of Quake 1, I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool to have some sort of mission mode? It doesn't seem to difficult after the devs implement bots, turrets and map functions like moving platforms and buttons. There could be AI similar to Quake 1 such as the swordsmen that simply run at you with a sword, and maybe also those Lovecraftian ogres (those would be atleast easier to implement than the training bots that are planned). The main goal of the game can be to simply get through a certain door, just as Quake did it. I feel it will add a lot more playability to the game as it will allow people to have more fun with or without others, perhaps even playing with friends (I have no idea how coop would work, but seems it would be a good idea). Players can even play the mode competitively with there being leaderboards for how well people played the level, including the time and kills they achieved (This would also allow for some pretty badass speedrun videos :D) This will also allow Reflex as a game to stand out from the rest of its kind, with having the combination of having PvP modes, and PvE. While still having PvP the main focus of the game, the PvE could act as something players would play when they're not in the mood for race mode or PvP. This will also attract a much wider audience to the game as people will be interested in a game which has the option of PvE as well as PvP As stated in the title, this is a long term request. And by that, I mean really long term, after bots, turrets, and interactive environments have been added. This could take more than a year. I only wish to see the general demand for this idea, and if the devs will confirm it will be implemented What do you guys think? Mission mode anyone?
  4. TornadoStorm

    [Request] Short Grass

    Hello! I request a simple mesh from the devs; some form of short, yet dense grass, usefull as lawn grass, or decoration for terrain rather than plain green flat ground. The kind of stuff you'd see in someone's backyard, or perhaps a football field. The current grass meshes including the fade_01 and fade_02 are not really short, rather are low density, making them unsuitable for lawngrass.
  5. arkore

    [Feature Request] Snow.

    I'd like to be able to add falling snow into a map. I'd be happy with using whatever stock implementation Reflex has for this. I imagine it would be it's own "createtype" of "Snow", similar to what we have for "Teleport" or "Jumppad" We would then draw "Snow" blocks in the parts of the map we want falling snow, so that we can control where snow is falling, so that we can control areas where snow should not be falling, e.g. when in-doors, or when standing under a bridge for example. Thanks,
  6. Hey, Thought it would be good to get an off-topic forum up and running for discussion about random stuff and the like. Just my 2c. Cheers - remm
  7. Hi everyone. For the recent time there has been a lot of innovations in Reflex aimed at newbie players. But one needs to not forget about advanced players. I wanna bring back those good old times when CPMA wasn't "all about aim + a bit of map control", but also movement. So that's why I'm gonna propose to add the ground boost. I'm not defrag pro and I don't have an ideal technique therefore my performance is ordinary, but the idea of it is quite clear. q3df.org Groundboosting in the code
  8. Need the map to change after the game ends, because otherwise people get bored and just leave. A lot of people are too lazy to vote for a new map. In fact, some people are too lazy to even ask for a new map, or to ask for someone to vote a new map for them; instead, they'll just leave. But, if the map changed automatically, then there is no effort required on anyone to have the map change, and they will push on and play more. --- As a bonus, an option for sv_randomizemaprotation true for random map from the rotation list.
  9. I noticed a few times that players did not know that the match started after the countdown finished. Happened to me as well. I think, at the very least, make the countdown time text more prominent on the screen. Perhaps add a black background box around the white texture of the countdown seconds' text, and perhaps make the word "FIGHT" be in bold, and colored red. --- However, taking this further though, by adding sounds, as we've seen in every other game that has a countdown. I'm sure you already have plans for this, but perhaps it would suffice to implement some basic sounds for the time being? Here are (Creative Commons License 0) ones you can use (until you replace with your own, of course): - "countdown" played for each second of the countdown. - "fight" played when countdown finishes. They are very generic, which is good. Perhaps you have plans to do a chime/tone that increases in pitch for each countdown second, or perhaps you plan to do announcer sounds, with an announcer voicing the numbers and the word FIGHT. Not sure. Maybe an announcer is a bad idea, because that gives the impression that there is some unexpected/unknown story to what's going on, and players might think "Who is this announcer in the story/lore of this game? Why? Etc." --- countdown.wav fight.wav
  10. Displayed both in the scoreboard, and in corner of screen (along side to the showfps display).
  11. I'd like to build real physical spectator rooms for some maps, where players can join and spectate from within that room and look out the window and watch the arena/battle. I think the easiest way to implement this is add a Property to the spawn-point entity for "In-queue" checkbox or something. Then allow players to join, and if they are in queue, then they are allowed to spawn in the map, at "In-queue" spawn-points only. These players would still keep their status of being in queue, and such, of course. This was one of the coolest things I saw (and realized) when Rocket Arena came out for Quake 1. 1) It gives the players (in the arena) a better sense of playing in a spectator sport, with real spectators (because they can see those spectators (at a glance) in those windows), and makes the game more enjoyable. 2) This makes the game more enjoyable for spectators as well. You'd be suprised how often this will improve the level of patience for spectators to stay and wait in queue, when they can move around and look out the window, and be seen by the players in the arena.
  12. Would like the option to have a server be dedicated to a particular map. Some type of setting in server cfg, for "sv_nomapvote" = 1 or 0