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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone, here's a full race movie featuring top records on maps with weapons on them! I had a bunch of fun running these maps and editing this video, and I hope everyone can enjoy it as much as I did creating it. I'm open to any feedback/critique from anyone
  2. Hello, I'm completely new to shooters that require anything besides hitscan aim. Because of this I find aiming with rockets incredibly hard. I can't seem to hit much and most of the hits feel like random luck because I don't really know what I'm doing. The only tip I've gotten so far is to only use rockets if you can see enemy's feet. What other sort of stuff should I know about? When do I aim at the floor besides them and when do I go for a direct hit? When should I jump in a rocket vs. rocket fight? How fast should I be shooting? Is there a generally accepted "better" crosshair to use with rockets, I always seem to aim too far up. And as if that's not hard enough - what's the logic behind dodging? What kind of positioning should I utilize? Do people jump to dodge? How to figure out your opponent while constantly getting hit? I really wish Reflex had bots and aim maps, would make practising a lot more enjoyable. Thanks!
  3. Please add rocket and grenade selfdamage to all arena gamemodes since I'm pretty sure it would make this gamemode a lot more tactical and less spammy. Only have no selfdamage in pre-round time to give players the option to position themself. Since I started to duel more, I can no longer enjoy ATDM and A1V1 because there is no selfdamage and it's cheap.
  4. Furioness training map rocket 1 Some implementation of my idea about train map with jumpads. I not pretend on HYPE, just want that someone get this idea and create some awesome. Thx MeltingDimensions. U can find this on my server. Download http://reflexfiles.com/file/419/
  5. z13l5ch31b3

    actual ammo amount

    Hi folks and devs, pls think about a hotfix about the amount of ammo you got at start. For example the rocket launcher ammo size of thirty is very low. You can jump 2 rounds with speed in Vil's campgrounds-remix, after this you really have to deal with every shot, if you use them for covering-jumps, too. A size of fifty would be great. But thats one example, and cannot say something to the other weapons ammosize. Maybe if we discussed this this could be a useful hotfix wich improves tense and gameplay. cheers
  6. I just got the game a few days ago and am absolutely awful at it, but I love the map creation and movement. My friends and I have remade the popular map Lockout from Halo 2 in Reflex. Video: Download: http://reflexfiles.com/file/111 Tell me what you think! Thanks.