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Found 1 result

  1. Custom Ruleset Poll

    Hi everyone, as some of you may know already, I've been working along with players from all regions on a custom ruleset that aims to improve the current competitive ruleset's gameplay and weapon balance. The changes proposed in this ruleset have been thoroughly tested and only aim to refine the current gameplay, nothing is game breaking, it isn't a revolution. The changes are most noticeable at a higher level of play, many people that played games or spectated have said that they couldn't notice a major difference. These changes were designed so they could be seamlessly implemented into the current competitive ruleset. Full detailed explanation : http://reflex.fun/ruleset.html Gameplay Philosophy : http://reflex.fun/ruleset.html#Gameplay Complete changelog : http://reflex.fun/ruleset.html#Changelog How to play on the ruleset : http://reflex.fun/ruleset.html#Playing Tournaments in all Regions have been hosted to showcase the changes in the ruleset. VODs, replays and info in the specified forum threads : Europe North America Japan Australia If you wish (or not) to see the changes proposed in this ruleset applied in the competitive, Post below using the form template : Region : EU/NA/JP/AU Highest reached rank in Matchmaking : Prime Overlord/Overlord/Diamond/Platinium/Gold/Silver/Bronze Have you played games on the custom ruleset : Yes/No Have you watched games played on the custom ruleset : Yes/No Do you wish to see the changes proposed by the custom ruleset implemented into the current competitive ruleset ? : Yes/No Why ? Arguments Thank you !