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Found 6 results

  1. sane

    Sane new name?

    I love reflex and please do not DELETE my post. I am promoting reflex + csgo on the side. I will be streaming much more now and this is all the links you need to support me and I will support Reflex in return. FOLLOW BACK ON ALL!!! And yes my new name instead of sane will be aNton gotta keep it TOGETHER HERE BOYS <3 I will post good stuff on Twitter and also my stream schedule + giveaways <333 Twitter - FOLLOW BACK Twitch Stream - FOLLOW BACK
  2. sane


    So when someone starting a lockhud tournament now? I will be waiting. Maybe this will deter a lot of people from starting one ;[
  3. sane

    Sanetopia 2! The Return!

    VODS: HERE GGS EVERYONE 1) SANE - $100 2) AZK - $55 3) KOVAAK - $30 DATE CHANGED! SUNDAY JULY 26th, 12PM PST / 3PM EST NORTH AMERICAN TOURNAMENT Just like a movie you have been waiting for 10 years to come out, just like the child you have waited for 9 months, and just like the job you wish you didn't have to work... http://challonge.com/NAsanetopia2 SANETOPIA IS BACK! SANETOPIA 2: THE RETURN! Now that the DPOne tournament is done, we can all take a break and relax without training for any new tournaments.... phew....WRONG! Sanetopia is back, with the largest prize pool in REFLEX history, hitting $500 total prize pool. We are now looking to SURPASS that goal and the main goal is $1,000 prizepool! I will also donate and try to help out the community! You have all been waiting for this moment to redeem your selves in the sanetopia CUP, now is your chance!! I already made a poll to see what maps will be played and everything is SET! "God bless you sane, we love you dearly" - (reflex communtity 2015) TOURNAMENT INFO! Map Pool: DP4 / DP5 / THCDM13 (NEW VERSION) / THCT2 / THCT7 Date: Sunday July 26th, 2015 - 12PM PACIFIC / 3PM EASTERN TIME Prize Pool: GOAL $1,000 SEND DONATIONS TO: agsaneman@gmail.com Sign ups: HERE Stream: PHGP & DEF STREAM DONATIONS GO TO: agsaneman@gmail.com TOTAL: $185 1) Sane - $50.08 2) Mistergreen - $30 3) AZK - $50 4) Klyph0rd - $10 5) Gls - $34.92 6) PHGP_Holi - $10 * IF THIS STAYS TOTAL $185 THEN LAYOUT IS: * 1st) $100 2nd) $55 3rd) $30
  4. NEWS NEWS READ ALL ABOUT IT! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for CASTERS ( mtarget calling for you ;] ) Looking for STREAM ( PHGP calling for you! ) Looking for an extra 1 or 2 ADMINS ( PLEASE! ) PM ME ON #PHGP OR REPLY HERE With Sanetopia Cup finishing off this past weekend I am looking to start another tournament for NA 1v1, but don't worry there is no rush. I am looking to start sign ups in about 3 weeks, some where around end of May or the beginning of June. The tournament will most likely start middle or end of June. You will have enough time to practice all the maps and get in shape for another exciting NA CUP! Trying to make a beautiful name this time, not sanetopia 2! hmmmm maybe.... Anyway I am looking to start it off with seeing what 5 maps will be chosen by the community to put into the tournament. The 5 maps that will have the highest votes by May 29th will be chosen for the tournament! I will be making this a POLL thread and also if you have any requests or advice for this tournament this will be the time to do so. LETS GET EVERYTHING SET FOR MAY 29th!! THAT'S WHEN THE SIGN UPS WILL BEGIN AND THE TOURNAMENT SHOULD START MID/LATE JUNE!! gogogo!
  5. With our 2 month anniversary just passing (May 3rd, 2015) we are still alive and steady as ever! I would like to throw out some HYPE updates that have been happening with our COMMISSION squad. 1) Sanetopia cup will be completed Sunday May 10th, 2015 -TUNE IN!!- 2) We got a new website! ( www.thecommission.us ) ALL THANKS to klyph0rd! Thank you so much sir. It is still under construction, but will be completed SOON! -STAY TUNED- 3) Idle #thecommission @ quakenet.org -NOW!- We would all like to thank our fans and we appreciate all the support! the commission lives on! * still no rivals sigh *
  6. With the day 1 completed, and taking a look at the BRACKETS I want to start some HYPE forum post to see what people think the outcome will be!! Reply some predictions!! Why you think this, or just simply post your top3 players! 1st 2nd 3rd!! HYPE!!!