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Found 2 results

  1. Warven

    Configuration backup / Steam cloud

    Hello guys o/ I just finished my new battlestation, and when re-installing Reflex, I hoped that the Steam Cloud function would at least save my mappings/addons/graphics options, and I reaaally do not want to spend an hour getting all my UI like on my previous installation. Would it be possible to save these things in Steam Cloud ? And if not, what files do I have to copy to get my previous config on my new one ? (Or should I just copy the whole folder ?) Thx
  2. Loafd

    upload map command?

    There is a savemap command to save the current map from a server, although I was wondering if an uploadmap command could be added, to do just the opposite. I often find myself in a server, wanting to play a new map from reflexfiles with a friend, but the server doesn't have it.. To prevent from players spam uploading maps onto servers, there could be a vote uploadmap or something of the sort to keep it orderly, or permission from the serverhost, which is something that could also be implemented, I think. Maybe even a vote host command. Just an idea that I thought of and wanted to throw out there. Thanks!