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Found 4 results

  1. Kawumm

    Race Leaderboards Plus

    I integrated the race leaderboards into the <tab> scoreboard as seen in the screenshot. It uses the space which previously displayed your detailed times, which you can still access by clicking on your own name in the right side panel. This addon should become obsolete once the feature is officially implemented, but until then I find it neat to have. Link to steam workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821550833 Update log: v1.1: added diff times in brackets v1.2: internal installation procedure changed v1.3: minor bugfixes/adjustments
  2. So I'm setting up servers for each game mode, but my race server goes instantly from the countdown to the scoreboard. sv_timelimit_override and sv_timelimit_round_override are both set to 60000. This happens on my remote server and also if I set up a server locally. I think on my local server, i switched game mode to ffa and back to race, and it fixed the problem. But on the remote server it is locked to race only, so I can't do that. Hopefully someone here knows the solution to this already!
  3. thelawenforcer

    End of game movement stats!

    As the name suggests, it would be awesome to get some movement related stats in the end of game stats. Things like: Top speed Average speed # of jumps distance travelled distance travelled while holding +back and others...
  4. Ammazzabanane

    rank not showing on scoreboard

    so for some reason since the rank update i didnt really manage to get the scoreboard, in duel or anything really, to show me the player ranking's, a friend showed me a screenshot and its defenetly different from what i have, i basically think my scoreboard is exactly the same as the "weapon accuracy" patch one. anyone know's how to fix this? I should point out im just using the Reflex default scoreboard AND also use dp scoreboart, both active at the same time.