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Found 17 results

  1. TyroneSama

    Rcon features?

    Is there a way of sending commands to a dedicated server from within game? If not, are there any plans to add them? I run a Reflex server on Debian via WINE, and while it works, it's impossible to input commands, so I can't change timelimits or enable edit on the fly. I know it's unlikely that devs want to spend time supporting WINE, but rcon seems like a pretty ubiquitous feature (and would be useful even for Windows servers) so I figure this is my best shot.
  2. potato

    Server-Side Addons

    Is there a way to do Server-Side addons? Its would be cool if there was API or something to write addons/plugins like in Source(GoldSource) games (SourceMod/AMXX)
  3. Team CMC - Cash My Checks!! Members: Sane Guilt KING ? ? I am looking for 4 candidates!! I need my boys to come alive, on September 18th, the 2v2 map creating tournament will commence, meaning all the 2v2 and tdm games will start!! Also there will soon be an ESEA/CEVO type league for 3v3 ATDM, teams,season,playoffs etc. This we will get into later with a few members from the reflex community who are planning this. So the bottom line I need teammates, we got our own public/private server we can prac 2v2 prac 1v1 everything! <33333 ALSO PLAY IN MY TEXAS SERVER!! named: Team CMC $ Cash My Checks [US/TX]
  4. So I'm setting up servers for each game mode, but my race server goes instantly from the countdown to the scoreboard. sv_timelimit_override and sv_timelimit_round_override are both set to 60000. This happens on my remote server and also if I set up a server locally. I think on my local server, i switched game mode to ffa and back to race, and it fixed the problem. But on the remote server it is locked to race only, so I can't do that. Hopefully someone here knows the solution to this already!
  5. I've set up a dedicated server running on a Win 10 system out of my shop on an FTTC connection. It works fine, and now I'm trying to make sure that the server will load on startup, so that if the system crashes, it will automatically reboot and run the Reflex server I've got that working, however it gives a message saying that it could not load dedicatedserver.cfg I have no idea why. If i run the server manually, it loads the config file. But when run by task scheduler on startup, it does not. Is the program hardcoded to look for and load 'dedicatedserver.cfg'. I assume so because that is what it seems to do so. Not sure if I need to supply an argument to the exe when it is loaded by task scheduler? Please help!
  6. I am a member of a small gaming community called laerad.net. We mostly hang out in IRC and talk about anything and everything, but play games together, hosted by the founder of the community on a beastly server hosted by Hetzner in Germany. T'is nice! At one point it ran a Minecraft modpack with 263 mods in the modpack. Currently it hosts a few Minecraft servers and occasionally other things such as Starbound, Starmade, and whatever else we're playing at the moment. I set up a self-hosted server in the UK just recently and I just wanted to share the fact in the hope that people will check it out and test it. It is set to record replays, which I will try and make accessible via a webpage. But that might take a whie. Address of the gameserver is reflex.ccgames.uk or reflex.laerad.net. Come chat with us at chat.laerad.net if you want (or via an IRC client on esper.net). Hope to frag you soon on my first self-hosted gameserver! I am feeling quite pleased with myself
  7. TornadoStorm

    Offline servers?

    Hello, I haven't been able to start any offline servers lately, and for me having the hobby of map making, while living in Kenya, it's pretty irritating Is there any workaround for this?
  8. Brutus

    Help with Port Forwarding

    Hi everyone, im from Argentina, sorry for my bad english, i try to create a server, but i cant see them in the list of servers. i have a router Huawei HG630, i try every combination possible. But http://canyouseeme.org/ say's: Error: I could not see your service on 190.XX.XXX.XXX on port (25787) and 25797 I'm doing something wrong? IMAGE: excuse my low english, im from SA and i like to Host one server permanently. i tried for reflexded but if i can't in the game. in cant for console. I will appreciate the help!
  9. Hello, i've setup a server ( EU ) for a single purpose: playtesting new maps. Server-Name: ArenaFPS Map Playtesting. The idea is this: i will host a single map for a maximum period of 1 week. Map will change after 1 week or the creator has gathered enough feedback to work on. I will update the OP with the according forum-link for the current map. Current map: Brut Previous maps: - Rapture Conditions: - map should be complete and ready for playtesting ofc, so no single rooms etc. - art doesn't matter - no maps that are obv. just terrible Replays can be found here. Any idea/suggestion for the process are welcome ofc. Regards
  10. Hi, a few people asked already, so here's the dropbox folder in case you want to download replays from the servers. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4rf5x2n1cvogqwo/AADLtt7nvHXenKGGPDjXT60ha?dl=0 Replays get uploaded there automatically. Regards
  11. frwny

    EU Mumble Server

    Mumble server for all you EU folks, feel free to join whenever and set up temporary chanells or whatever if you want. Also if you want to use it for any tournament or event feel free, just ask me on Steam so I can set up permissions and channels and shit. My Steam link is on my website is my signature. The same goes for my Reflex server. IP: mumble.heyqtwhatsyour.name Port: 64738 Reflex server: connect connect reflex.heyqtwhatsyour.name:25832 EDIT: also feel free to use it for games other than Reflex if you want EDIT 2: shootout to swiftnode for hooking me up with a free mumble server, port has changed to 64738 now
  12. Hi, Impossible to reach the log of my servers, maybe since the Build [0.31.2]. No answer. Regards
  13. UltraKill

    Weapon config for server

    Hello all, is possible to configure weapons on server? for example: RL - selfdamage 0 / damage 100 / speed 500 / firerate 30 SG damage 0 / spread 10 / firerate 30 LG damage 10 / firerate 3 / selfdamage 0 and etc.. --- like quake 3 Excessive Plus mod. - Knockback Damage and Knockback have been separated. You can have high damage * weapons but disable or lower the pushing effect. A negative value * will pull the player instead of pushing him. If not specified, * value is taken from Damage setting - Radius Radius to apply to splash damage and for within splash and self * knockback have effect - Splash Damage Max amount of splash damage to inflict, real damage will vary * depending on the distance of the enemy to the explosion * * - Splash Knockback Max amount of splash knockback to apply to other players. If not * specified, value is taken from Splash Damage setting * * - Self Knockback Amount of splash knockback to apply only to self. A positive value * means radial knockback, whereas a negative value means a fixed value * regardless of the distance of the explosion. If not specified, * value is taken from Splash Knockback setting * * - Self Knockback HV Horizontal/Vertical asymmetry control for the Self Knockback * It may vary in range [1...0...-1] and that is equivalent to * [just horizontal...symmetric...just vertical] knockback proportion * * - Self Slide Factor Multiplier to the time to slide with no control, no friction * and no gravity after being kicked by self * * - Firing Knockback Amount of knockback to apply to self when firing the gun, wich * produces a kick effect * * - Firing Knockback HV Horizontal/Vertical asymmetry control for the Firing Knockback. * Range and meanings see the Self Knockback HV description. * While standing on ground the vertical portion of firing knockback * will be not greater than (limited to) its horizontal portion * * - Team Knockback Same as Knockback but applied to your teammates when you attack them. * If specified, it will replace the Knockback for the team attack * * - Team Splash Knockback Same as Splash Knockback but applied to your teammates when you * attack them. If specified, it will replace the Splash Knockback * for the team attack * * - Ammo Amount of ammo to spawn for with that weapon * * - Ammo Limit Limit ammo pickups up to this value * * - Regen Number of milliseconds for which to regenerate 1 ammo unit up to * the value of the Ammo. Weapon must not be firing to take effect * * - Sky If enabled, the weapon and missiles will hit the sky/black box * * - Weight Weitgh of the weapon. Player Speed = Player Speed / Weapon Weight * * - Bounce Number of times to bounce the shots/missiles before they explode. * A value of -1 will bounce max times alowed by the mod * * - Speed Only for missiles. Speed at which missiles move * * - Gravity Only for missiles. If enabled, the missile will be affected by * gravity * * - Time To Live Only for missiles. Number of seconds for the missile to run before * it explodes * * - Time -> * Weapon switch time specific settings. A value of 0 for any of these * setting will use global value instead --------------- example for GL. Grenade Launcher { Cycle = 800; Damage = 100; //Knockback = Damage; Splash Damage = 100; //Splash Knockback = Splash Damage; Radius = 150; Self Damage = 0.0; //Self Knockback = Splash Knockback; Self Knockback HV = 0.0; Self Slide Factor = 1.0; Firing Knockback = 0; Firing Knockback HV = 0.8; //Team Knockback = Knockback; //Team Splash Knockback = Splash Knockback; Regen = 2; Speed = 700; Ammo = 20; Ammo Limit = 200; -----///---- maybe is possible to make something like this, or other mod to configure weapons. tnx for attention
  14. Need the map to change after the game ends, because otherwise people get bored and just leave. A lot of people are too lazy to vote for a new map. In fact, some people are too lazy to even ask for a new map, or to ask for someone to vote a new map for them; instead, they'll just leave. But, if the map changed automatically, then there is no effort required on anyone to have the map change, and they will push on and play more. --- As a bonus, an option for sv_randomizemaprotation true for random map from the rotation list.
  15. Would like the option to have a server be dedicated to a particular map. Some type of setting in server cfg, for "sv_nomapvote" = 1 or 0
  16. Furioness

    Server crashing if set wrong map cvar

    Server crashing if set wrong map cvar. Plus, I wanna to see available map list on current server. Like put "map " and u will get this list, or better "map" + double tab or "map" + first map name char (like default console commands).
  17. If you don't have a forwarded port which is what (it seems like) you need to host a public game you can use Hamachi to create a network and play with friends. For them to connect however you need to use the console command "connect XXX" and you can get the IP from them in Hamachi. https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/download.aspx you can download Hamachi here and you dont need the managed version.