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Found 5 results

  1. I like quake,wolfenstein etc. but they have bad online. I live in Russia , Sakhalin island near Japan, I have good ping in China,Japan,or sone Asians servers...Could someone help me and say what's online now on AS or EU servers pls
  2. I am a member of a small gaming community called laerad.net. We mostly hang out in IRC and talk about anything and everything, but play games together, hosted by the founder of the community on a beastly server hosted by Hetzner in Germany. T'is nice! At one point it ran a Minecraft modpack with 263 mods in the modpack. Currently it hosts a few Minecraft servers and occasionally other things such as Starbound, Starmade, and whatever else we're playing at the moment. I set up a self-hosted server in the UK just recently and I just wanted to share the fact in the hope that people will check it out and test it. It is set to record replays, which I will try and make accessible via a webpage. But that might take a whie. Address of the gameserver is reflex.ccgames.uk or reflex.laerad.net. Come chat with us at chat.laerad.net if you want (or via an IRC client on esper.net). Hope to frag you soon on my first self-hosted gameserver! I am feeling quite pleased with myself
  3. Hi, since it can be a pain in the ass to get the latest maps on the servers etc. i made it a bit easier for myself ...and thought: why not let mappers update their shit themselves :P. If you want access to the dropbox i use to update the maps on the servers, hit me up and i'll give you access. All you need is a dropbox account and an invite from me. Simply upload your updated/new maps and they'll be on the server automatically. Other server admins can use the DB folder to symlink the maps as well ....so...updated on all servers with the DB folder on them. GG. Regards P.S: Bad maps will be deleted .... this shouldn't be a clusterf++k of maps, but rather a collection of maps people actually play.
  4. Capuchino

    Reflex in South America?

    Greetings everyone I'm a quake live player since 2008 and a week ago i found this game, and i wonder if exist a latin america comunity, servers near my country (Argentina) or people who bought it.
  5. Hey guys, I've launched the ReflexFPS Australia site yesterday and am looking for more Australian and New Zealand based members. http://www.reflexfps.net.au is the place to be for all things Reflex in Australia! We have a Facebook page, Twitter account, Steam Community, news postings, forums, server browser for AU servers (still in development) and are hosting tournaments. If you're an Aussie or Kiwi, sign up and get involved! You can also join the live chat @ irc.quakenet.org #reflex.au. Just wanted to post everywhere I could in case some random Aussies or Kiwis happen upon this thread Cheers - remm