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Found 2 results

  1. Since the burst gun is currently just a worse version of the shotgun it seems like it doesn't really have a place, when you have the shotgun you never use the burstgun. It basically replaces the weapon taking up a bind slot for no reason. Here is my idea of how it could work. You spawn with a burstgun and then when you pickup the shotgun you would dual weild it with the burstgun. Obviously the damage would not be the old burstgun+shotgun damage. Make the burst gun like the old 3 shot projectile low damage, when you pickup the shotgun you can fire both at the same time (dual wielding) bringing the total damage up to current shotgun levels. I think this would be interesting having some added damage if you hit both the projectile and hitscan. I think it would be hard to hit both at medium range which would help keep it from being overpowered while making it very punishing up close. Make the burst gun ammo infinite and the shotgun ammo stays as it was. Just an idea I had while playing xonotic, a game with way to many weapons that fill the exact same role for no reason.
  2. chortas

    Rocket needs nerf and shotgun buff.

    I read about it in Steam and decided to ask you at the forum, what do you think? PS didnt find any ather topics about it