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Found 3 results

  1. Looking for a HATCHET!!

    Someone have a hatchet?!?! I have some shiet in my inventory let me know what it would take! OR FREE? :DDD http://steamcommunity.com/id/iamsane/inventory/
  2. Will there be skin drops?

    Hello Can't wait to see the new update roll out, containing SKINSSS! (Or whatever they're called) But can't help to ask, will there be some sort of skin-drop system in future, where you have a random chance of getting a skin somehow? (For example, a very small chance of gaining an item every time you die in TF2, or when you rank up in CS GO, or simply logging in once per day) EDIT: By 'In future' I mean when the game gets a good number of skins, whether it's some time soon or in late future
  3. Marketplace?

    As AMAZING as the concept art weapons look, will the weapon have some sort of Steam marketplace support, like CS: GO? As in will there be weapon skins/character customization content available to earn in future? (Yes I am aware that you can change character color in 3 parts) This game is really fun, it's just that if it is to gain more playability and popularity, having some sort of customization/rewards for playing would be a great idea