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Found 2 results

  1. **16.9.2016 - UPDATE** - Initial workshop release: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=764552988 Okay, so I made this map about a year ago when there were no meshes let alone weapon models. I wasn't very motivated to continue working on this as stake launcher was commented out of the game, stake having a big role on this map I think you can understand where I'm coming from. Now stake is making a return and so am I. This map is inspired by the gimmickness, pace and scale of Quake 2 maps and the complexity of Reflex movement. As far as the layout goes, this map is targeted towards veterans a bit more. People who aren't so good with movement will notice that some areas appear to be inaccessible. The map has a single rocket launcher which emphasizes on the amount of control you can put on it, there are several ways to reach it and the possibilities allows you to be creative. The map also has a hard to reach plasmagun, which upon getting - will make it easy to move around the map. Before you get your hands on the rocket or plasma, you can use Stake to reach otherwise inaccessible areas, assuming it's too hard via double/triple/circle/strafe jumping. Key items: 1x MH 1x RA 1x YA 1x GA 1x Rocket 1x Bolt 1x Ion 1x Plasma 2x Grenade 2x Shotgun 2x Stake 1x Carnage 1x Resist Notable changes from the last version: YA room redesigned Map has only one YA now New route to the new YA area in front of the bolt spawn Window in front of the rocket launcher Hard to reach plasma gun, use either stake or RJ to get there if you can't manage the CJ. Ammo boxes added, I will later replace burstgun ammo with stake ammo as soon as those are available Resist added for luls Additional notes: - Afaik you don't need the experimental mode to have stake spawns available, dunno how the stake balance is in regular mode though. - Visuals aren't done and there might be some fuffed up brushes sticking out of walls somewhere as I was trying to fix lightleaks and stuff. Below is the old thread which you can ignore or look at for reference. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download and more screens: http://reflexfiles.com/file/216 So here's little something I've been working up since like build 0.27. I'm a slow mapper, what else can I say? Those who have seen earlier versions of this map and been waiting for it, may I present to you fucking finally Sphinctified v.1. This map hasn't had any proper testing, it's supposed to work on every mode but I think it'll do best in TDM. You got lot's of high skill tricks in this map, some are obvious and some are inconveniently hidden. I'm not gonna spoil everything right off the bat, but as a small hint those broken columns got something to do with them. If you're incapable of turning in air or not very experienced with trickjumps, the only way you'll get to RL/YA room is with a Stake jump or a grenade jump oor a plasma climb. Oh and the map is huge as fuck (in file size). Hope you enjoy! I would appreciate crit and feedback. Items: 13 x 5hp 9 x 25 hp 2 x 50 hp 1 x MH 17 x Shards 2 x GA 2 x YA 1 x RA 1 x Carnage 11 x Spawns 2 x Shotgun 2 x Grenade Launcher 1 x Chaingun 1 x Rocket Launcher 1 x Ion Cannon 1 x Bolt Rifle 2 x Stake Launcher v1.1 changelog: -Added one 25hp near the vicinity of the teleporter drop in MH room. -Added three 5hps to "Bolt attic" as a potential pickup sound trap. -Made IC platform wider and added some visual details. -Fixed collision issues with the flat-broken pillar in front of YA entrance. -Fixed a few minor graphical flops. 4v4 gameplay (Mazu): 2v2 gameplay (Mazu):
  2. Smilecythe

    RRsmile1 (Flat straferun map)

    Simple straferun map where you can compare your runtimes and speed with other people instead of everyone doing their own 1 minute one brush maps. I put beams to the side of the walls to prevent wallstrafing. Video above is an average demonstration, for now my personal best time is 16.703 with ending speed of 1639ups. Go beat it Download: http://reflexfiles.com/file/312