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Found 6 results

  1. Xytaglyph

    Reflex Classic Sound pack

    I grabbed some of the old Reflex character sounds and edited them slightly to make some variations and wrapped them up in a zip for you guys that want some of the original Reflex sounds. Included in the zip are the Landing sounds (super metallic ones), the pain sounds (deep robotic ones), and the melee sounds (lightsaber-esque). Enjoi! https://www.dropbox.com/s/1gy5lsz3egwfz6z/ReflexClassicSounds.zip?dl=0 Someone tell me if the link is broken
  2. Updated To V3: Feb 28th 2016 Thanks to vo0 for taking interest and helping to fix the incorrect hit sounds and various others After the release of Reflex Capture The Flag, this mod will be updated with painkillers CTF sounds Hello! I've spent several days porting about 87 sounds to reflex for the old fans of the game and the love of reflex. install the pak file into your /base directory with all the other pak files. Download: mikemartin.co/dev/reflex Note: Race finish and Round start sounds are the best. Video of painkiller 1v1: youtube.com/watch?v=3nuFLaKs8Yc Changelog v3: packaged with the new .pak system updated ion cannon sound with inhibitors Changelog v2: hit sounds were completely from a different game, they now use PK++ hit sounds kill sound was incorrect, now uses PK++ famous "SHTONK" kill sound shard sound was weapon pick, switched to new suitable sound because PK did not have shards shotgun was an incorrect shotgun sound from SP quad and protection were reversed bolt rifle was tested with stake gun sounds and didnt work out so it was reverted 25h sound was overbearing plus PK had no 25h so now 25h & 50h are the same sound weapon pickup sound is now using the correct MP sound instead of the SP version freezegun sound was being used for shotgun which was incorrect burstgun fire and impact sounds now use the freezegun sounds ioncannon used lightning gun sounds from SP, now uses MP sounds
  3. ok_hand

    8bit Reflex

    Introducing 8bit Reflex, a HUD and sound pack to give your Reflex a retro feel. Brought to you by acid|Reflex. Almost every sound has been replaced with a LoFi equivalent. Some sounds are missing, such as vote sounds, but most are covered in the pack. The HUD is simplistic in it's design to keep with the Retro aesthetic, and is largely a modified default HUD with new LoFi icons and visual style. There are however a couple extra/optional custom widgets, including one that displays health, armor and ammo around the crosshair with adjustable transparency and a speedmeter that changes color/transparency based on current speed. The arrangement of the health, armor, etc. was styled based off of the default Q3 CPMA HUD (I kind of like how it looks so that's why I did it like this). Hence the HUD being called 8bitQuakeHud. DL [Updated 8/25.. again]: http://puu.sh/jOW8o/605107a73c.zip New version has 2 ammo counters, 1 that will display hyphens for missing digits (i.e. -99, --8), and one that sort of matches the what vx wanted the ammo to look like. There are also options to enable/disable the frames and set the colors to either 0: completely white, 1: fully colored, or 2: colored but green replaced with white for visibility. You can also disable low-ammo coloring. The widget options are not fully implemented and kinda buggy, so for now it works better to use the following console commands: ui_eqh_healthbar_colorstyle 0/1/2 ui_eqh_healthbar_frame 0/1 ui_eqh_armorbar_colorstyle 0/1/2 ui_eqh_armorbar_frame 0/1 ui_eqh_ammocount_colorstyle 0/1 ui_eqh_ammocount_frame 0/1 ui_eqh_ammocount2_colorstyle 0/1 ui_eqh_ammocount2_frame 0/1 --Installation-- HUD: Drop the EightbitQuakeHud folder in your /internal/ui folder and move the EQH.cfg to the root folder, make sure to backup your current config, and then load it by using loadconfig EQH from the console. Sound Pack: !!Make sure to back up all of your sounds!! (The easiest way to do this honestly is to just copy the folders that get overwritten to another area on your harddrive) Copy all of the folders found inside the 8bitSoundPack folder into your /internal/ folder and overwrite if it asks. After this you should be good to go. If you find any issues with the HUD or problems with the sound please let me know, whether in the thread or message me here or on steam ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/Viscerated/ ) HUD Screenshots: Speedmeter 0 alpha due to no movement, MiniHA widget at 0 alpha: Speedmeter at 255 alpha and colored Red due to low speed and MiniHA at ~190 alpha (you can also move the widget down if you don't want it right around crosshair, or disable it if you don't like it). Mind that I use centered weapons and some of the HUD sits over them: Default, no "-": Second option, with "-": Ammocount2 used and frames on ammo and armor hidden: Here's a quick and dirty video showcasing the sounds. Mind the early version of the HUD and horribad play: Credits: HUD and Sounds by acid|Reflex - Viscerated & .lucidity Codeman38 on dafont.com for the Press Start 2P font - http://www.dafont.com/press-start-2p.font Qualx for ideas and inspiration from his dope HUDs Meowgli and MAD_JIHAD for giving me the idea to make a sound pack and release it
  4. I noticed a few times that players did not know that the match started after the countdown finished. Happened to me as well. I think, at the very least, make the countdown time text more prominent on the screen. Perhaps add a black background box around the white texture of the countdown seconds' text, and perhaps make the word "FIGHT" be in bold, and colored red. --- However, taking this further though, by adding sounds, as we've seen in every other game that has a countdown. I'm sure you already have plans for this, but perhaps it would suffice to implement some basic sounds for the time being? Here are (Creative Commons License 0) ones you can use (until you replace with your own, of course): - "countdown" played for each second of the countdown. - "fight" played when countdown finishes. They are very generic, which is good. Perhaps you have plans to do a chime/tone that increases in pitch for each countdown second, or perhaps you plan to do announcer sounds, with an announcer voicing the numbers and the word FIGHT. Not sure. Maybe an announcer is a bad idea, because that gives the impression that there is some unexpected/unknown story to what's going on, and players might think "Who is this announcer in the story/lore of this game? Why? Etc." --- countdown.wav fight.wav
  5. I saw a guy go "wtf just happened" after the map ended and the camera went to a random point (because the map had no "end" target), and then the map restarted. I think a sound for the "game over (scoreboard)" event might help with this a little bit. Sure, eventually all maps will be fixed to have a proper "end" target in it, and most people would become familiar to the sudden screen of the scoreboard display, and camera pointing down overview the main part of the map. But, does it hurt to have a sound play too anyways? Here is a (Creative Commons License 0) one you could use for the time being: Upload Skipped (This file was too big to upload) Hmm, okay... It's only 127kb; not that big, at all. Here it is then: end.wav
  6. Hi, I for one am very encouraged by the steady progress, and the responsiveness of the Devs thus far. I sincerely hope that Reflex grows up to fill the gap left by Quake Live committing suicide. I also realize that it’s an early alpha and all the sounds work is still in the pipeline. Sound is currently the main obstacle preventing me from playing the game for hours on end. The jumping (landing?) ca-chunk dominates to the point that it’s easier to play without sound. So my sound-priorities would include: Feedback sounds which narrate the game action without any need for visual confirmation Did I hit someone? Did I just kill someone? Did I just get hit? Did I just Die? Am I being shot at? Did I just fire a shot? (yes, I find that I pull the trigger 3-4 times on an empty clip before I realize what's going on) Am I taking environmental damage (falling/lava)? Is there another player near me (behind/around the corner) ? A lot of situational awareness comes from audio cues. Balancing all these sounds is no small task and will naturally take time. But right now, ca-chunk, ca-chunk, ca-chunk is drowning out everything else.