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Found 5 results

  1. TornadoStorm

    Reflex Africa!

    Hello! After my Reflex Kenya group didn't go so well since not many people play Reflex in Kenya, I decided to create a group for everyone within Africa who play Reflex! It'll make it much easier for the tiny community over here to get together and play some matches without 200+ ping Many players stop playing this game because due to the small playerbase, they don't manage to get a server with good ping and therefore can't get the best experience of the game. This group caters for those kinds of people too. Everyone's welcome as long as they play the game in Africa. If enough people join, I'll see if I can set up some tournaments and other events, maybe with some prizes Link to Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ReflexAfrica
  2. Furioness

    Steam Workshop

    Any info pls. Can it be used to servers? I mean autoupdate maps by workshop, to not all time upload something like f14p2. Also, is it including lightmap?
  3. Arthur

    Can't buy 4 pack to gift to friends

    I decided to buy some extra copies of reflex to give to some people who I thought might get into it, however it wont let you check out with the 4 pack bundle (neither buying for yourself or for a friend) if you already own it. In the end I bought it on one of my friends account and then gifted the other 3 copies from there, but it seems a little daft I had to do that just to get the small discount for buying a 4 pack. This is probably a issue at valves end, not the reflex devs, but I thought I would throw it out there.
  4. TornadoStorm

    Reflex Kenya!

    Hello! I've been feeling lonely here in Kenya, and playing on other servers I get a minimum 150 ping, I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem, so I decided, why not bring together all the Reflex gamers over here in Kenya? I'll be setting up tournaments, group events and more to keep the group going. This group is free to join for all Reflex players in Kenya. Feel free to add me on Steam with the same username for any discussions or queries or requests on becoming an admin/mod of the group. Hope to see y'all soon! Link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ReflexKenya
  5. I get that it might be easier for some, but I don't use cookies for my browser and so every time I have to sign in with Steam, no matter the site, it sends an 'access code' to my email which means I need to login to get the code, and then paste the code into the page after already logging into that page and then it takes a good half a minute to verify. Really it doesn't sound that bad at all, its pretty reasonable actually, but without cookies you have to do this every single time. I hope to make and manage more maps in the future and this is a pain in the ass. I know you can turn off this 'feature' in Steam, and I would fucking love to but then they would take away my ability to trade among other things which I value, and those same features they take away are guaranteed gone for half a month because of its stupid security system. Are there any plans to add an alternative method of logging in, like the traditional email verification on this forum right here?