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Found 2 results

  1. Smilecythe

    [race] rr_smile2

    WORKSHOP LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=893207562 Lengthy technical map with 5 different levels, each of which have surf lanes of different steepness. No weapons. I also created a hub room where you could've teleported to each of the 5 rooms then a sixth teleporter that takes you through race start brush, but since the timer doesn't reset when you die - that concept doesn't really work lol. So it's sitting there now unconnected and I'll update the map if there's any changes to timer behavior.
  2. zzcorrode

    Surfing in Reflex

    I love surfing in games like TF2 and CS:GO, so I thought that I'd test out whether the Reflex engine allows for surfing. To my surprise, it actually does! It's slightly different than what the source engine games offer, but I'd like to see what my fellow map makers can do with this. For those who don't know what surfing is: http://youtu.be/HUawPPDHglE Basically, it's the manipulation of your momentum while in the air and on surf ramps. In the source engine, holding down the strafe key against the slope of the ramp will cause you to remain stuck to the ramp and moving forward. Holding a strafe key while moving the mouse in the same direction will cause you to turn while maintaining speed. But the Reflex engine is curious in how it handles strafing against steep slopes. While moving along a perfectly horizontal surf ramp, your speed will increase at a fairly high rate without a cap. You can then chain the speed from a ramp into bunny hops and ledge jumps. How does one make a surf ramp? Make a box and then use vertex editing to create a triangular prism like the one below. I haven't played around with width:height ratios much so I'm not entirely sure how the slope affects speed gain. I've used 4:3 for my width:height ratio with my basic ramp being 256:192. This is my first post and I'm loving the game so far.