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Found 1 result

  1. Dedicated Server Hosting

    Hey guys, The dedicated server runs pretty low resources so most of you can likely host from your own computers and play without any noticable performance decrease. However I'm sure some of you are looking for a provider for dedicated game servers that will be up 24/7. I've configured our TCAdmin template to manage and monitor Reflex. I've attached some screenshots of the functioning parts of the template, including the web console monitoring and player and resource usage tracking. Monthly Pricing: 2 Slots $0.56 USD 4 Slots $1.12 USD 6 Slots $1.68 USD 8 Slots $2.24 USD 10 Slots $2.80 USD 12 Slots $3.36 USD 14 Slots $3.92 USD 16 Slots $4.48 USD We are currently offering Reflex servers in France, Montreal, and Las Vegas. All of our machines are running on Intel Xeon 1620v2 (3.7Ghz) or 1650v2 (3.5Ghz) machines with 64GB of ram available. Every game server includes FTP Access. You can order here if you're interested. Setup time should be under a minute and you can configure your command line and dedicatedserver.cfg easily through the panel. Thanks.