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Found 7 results

  1. SushiFlex

    Sushiflex ACE Cup

    A new Reflex Tournament format! Date: Saturday, March 10th, 2PM EST/20:00 CET Stream: http://twitch.tv/sharqosity Registration: Join the Sushi Discord and PM Sharqosity#0314 Explanation of the Rules: This format is based off of Starcraft's Proleague format. 2 captains will be chosen by the tourney admin at the beginning of the event: Captain 1 and Captain 2 will draft their teams: 1 - 2 - 2 - 1 + ( 2 - 1 etc.) until everyone has been drafted. Team members will each be given roles and split into 2 Discord text and voice channels. Here they can discuss strategy and who to put on what map The amount of maps/games played is equal to the amount of players on each team. The map pool will be announced after teams are drafted. Each team will decide a player to send to play on each map - each player can only be used once (not counting the ACE match). Each team will send their final player lineup for the map pool to the tourney admin. Once both teams are done, the match-ups will be revealed. Sharqcoin betting will be active during this event! Games will be played and streamed one at a time in the order of the map pool. All games will be played on the Sushi ruleset. Check #sushiflex-setup in the Sushi Discord if you need to get set up. Each map win for a team will net every member 10 Sharqcoin. The ACE Match: After all maps are played, teams will put forth one player of their choosing to play in the ACE match (any player on the team can be chosen now). The team that wins more maps is considered the official winner of the tournament. The ACE match will still be played at the end, and the winner of the ACE match will net his team 15 Sharqcoin each. If the teams have an even amount of players and both teams are tied after all maps are played, the ACE match will decide the winner of the tournament. Map pool MAY INCLUDE: The Catalyst, Phrantic, Outworld, QW Aero, Abandoned Shelter, and more if needed! Map pool explanation: We want to keep the map pool varied so drafted players are not only valued for their raw strength, but also their map knowledge and ability to adapt. The goal of the map pool is to let a range of different skills shine through, because we believe each player has something different to offer to the team's skillset. Note that maps in the list above may not actually be in the map pool, and maps not listed could. Registration: Players from all regions are welcome to register! It is imperative that you join the Sushiflex Discord on game day so you can communicate with your team and receive directions from the tourney admin. Since a traditional challonge page cannot accommodate for this type of format, simply PM Sharqosity#0314 on Discord to register, OR reply to this forum thread! Currently registered players: Volume, Jankygoatsmugla, lzr_dev, cozy, christian, Cthulhu, def, lko, puma, TheBennyFishel, BL, Svyt, Magikarp, rex Message from tourney host, Sharqosity: See you guys there! It'll be hype watching and rooting for your teammates. No real money prizepool this time, it's all for fun (do come and win your sharqcoin though). If you have any questions at all about the format, don't be afraid to ask and clarify. Think of this as a trial run for the format; if something doesn't work or can be improved, please provide suggestions for the next one!
  2. Can someone make 'CMC' look pretty for my steam profile logo and also a website in the future. I guess we can start with just the steam profile logo. CMC LET ME KNOW <3
  3. sane

    team website

    I know we got a lot of web designers, coders, masters of internet LANGUAGE in this community. Who can make me a team website with PHP and sexy graphics? I will pay just let me know the price. This is serious <3333 handle this for me so I don't have to use freelancer, this is your free pay day lancer dot com.
  4. Team CMC - Cash My Checks!! Members: Sane Guilt KING ? ? I am looking for 4 candidates!! I need my boys to come alive, on September 18th, the 2v2 map creating tournament will commence, meaning all the 2v2 and tdm games will start!! Also there will soon be an ESEA/CEVO type league for 3v3 ATDM, teams,season,playoffs etc. This we will get into later with a few members from the reflex community who are planning this. So the bottom line I need teammates, we got our own public/private server we can prac 2v2 prac 1v1 everything! <33333 ALSO PLAY IN MY TEXAS SERVER!! named: Team CMC $ Cash My Checks [US/TX]
  5. I need one allstar by my side and 2-3 other not so good players who want to improve. We will get down on CTF/2v2/4v4/CA everything. lemme see some posts and some INTEREST, this is a way to make team games and fcking reflex just a lil bit more popular. team viGor vGr * 4 LIFE
  6. sane

    Making new NA team

    I am officially sending out the WORD of making a new team for NA. We need teams and rivalries nothing seems to STICK! Who wants to join my SQUAD sign up below with your FCKIN SKILLS. I only take the best. This will be the equivalent of the damn GREEN BERETS + SPETSNAZ
  7. poub

    pdm2 - Get up, stand up

    Very happy to present this 4v4 tdm map featuring dual powerups: "Carnage" and the new "Resist". As you will see it's a big one with distinct architecture for each room/area for better orientation and color-coding for easier recognition of areas/items. Lots of movement possibilities and high connectivity. Hint: The size might make the map seem complex but it's built around two item pairs (Carnage & Resist, Red Armor & Mega) that are placed crosswise on opposite sides of the map. With yellow and green armors in between Featuring every available weapon right now. Yes, stake as well Hope we'll have lots of fun playing tdm on it, with some demos/vids soon Big credit goes to Benroads who did the conversion and lots of cleanup as a base! Grab it here: http://reflexfiles.com/file/313 A little eye-candy: Disclaimer: will iron out a few construction/texturing details and update stuff like rock structures etc. as soon as the fitting meshes and materials get available.