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Found 1 result

  1. Hey long time no see. I was an early user on Reflex and I really went crazy with it and made a single map that was great but I think it kind of got left behind as changes were added. But it seems that the game runs very stable now and I can consistently get 50 FPS. So I want feedback on my original map Crossroads... I sent it to map contests... I sent it to people that were reviewing maps but I never really got the good feedback I needed to make this map competitive. All I know right now is that it is kind of square and desperately needs rounding out. I do know there are themes and other stuff added to the game but it seems like I cannot get access to those for some reason... But I guess I can continue on and try to make some good pre-fabs to make up for that. Anyway here is a link to the map, I would love to get feedback as again I really just want to make is a great over all map that eventually can fit the quality needed to be included as part of the games map selection. Any help would be great!!! http://reflexfiles.com/file/65