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Found 4 results

  1. HaraldQuake

    Dev-Textures on Fusion

    Hey guys, found 2 places where you forgot to use proper materials. Would be an easy fix for an upcoming update.
  2. Hello, new here, I either forgot or missed it, could you please remind me or show me what was the reason behind this sudden visual/texture change? I mean prior it looked really promising but now it's like warsow :/
  3. kRVRKV


    Would be easier if you'd watch the video first, than if I'd try to explain the problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b62PwSVrC6s Basically how I understand it, is that the AOE sphere, in other words splash damage is global and ignores object collision. Not sure if someone already have reported that because I've checked the forums and haven't found anything like that. Really hope that devs would fix this because this bug is massive. Some information to take under consideration: 1. Ping difference between players was 160ms 2. Machine gun's splash is too small to penetrate thick walls (haven't tested it on thin walls) 3. Didn't try GL either 4. RL's slash doesn't penetrate walls 2 big squares thick, so I guess you are getting hit buy the radius of the actual splash dmg that pops out of the texture 5. BUILD NUMBER IS 0.30.4 Really hope that this is getting fixed unless it is a feature of the game... Love the game tho, big upppp
  4. This is for more old-school Q3A mappers, that like the caulk to be pink. I created a pinkish darkcaulk texture for Reflex: it replaces the original file (so make a backup copy of that file first!) SteamsteamappscommonReflexbaseinternaleditortextureseditor_nolight_c.dds and it should make it easier to "see" and "manipulate" darkcaulk brushes, before texturing only the visible faces. The texture should also stick out more to remind you of what should still be textured. I tested it, and it seems to work, compile times for light are not messed up or anything. Note: Used GIMP 2.8.14 (with DDS plug-in) to create it. I have no idea what DDS compression Reflex uses, so simply used no compression and MIP maps, making the file larger. If anyone knows the proper compression settings to use in GIMP export, let me know. Thanks. Hope that is of some use. darkcaulk DDS for Relex by AEon.zip