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Found 6 results

  1. Recently someone posted the "official" colours for the weapons... I have been using them for the weapon pads in AEpyraR2. Next will be a mesh-version of AEdm7R... and that map used the original grid textures a lot. So I looked through the old Reflex textures and grabbed the colours from them: Reflex weapon colours: Axe 253 253 253 FDFDFD off white Burst 0 252 252 00FCFC light blue SG 252 148 0 FC9400 pastel orange Grenade 98 218 73 62DA49 pastel light green Plasma 252 0 252 F200F2 intense pink RL 242 0 0 F20000 intense red IC 0 126 252 007EFC pastel blue Bolt 244 244 2 F4F402 pastel yellow Stake 126 0 0 7E0000 dark red Old texture colours: dev_aqua 26F2F2 dev_magenta F226F2 dev_aquadark 268C8C dev_magentadark 8C268C dev_black 000000 dev_orange F28D26 dev_blue 2C2CF2 dev_orangedark 8C5A26 dev_bluedark 26268C dev_pink F2268E dev_bluelight 268DF2 dev_pinkdark 8C265A dev_green 26F226 dev_purple 8E26F2 dev_greendark 268C26 dev_purpledark 5A268C dev_greenlight 26F28E dev_red F22626 dev_grey64 404040 dev_reddark 8C2626 dev_grey128 808080 dev_white FFFFFF dev_grey192 C0C0C0 dev_yellow F2F226 dev_lime 8EF226 dev_yellowdark 8C8C26 dev_limedark 5A8C26 Misc: Wood brown: 6b523dCould help a few folks trying to use the old colours on the new meshes. Some colours I am wondering about are the Quad, RA, and MH colours, if you know them, post them here please.
  2. Around Christmas I converted two of my older Q3A maps to Reflex using chronokun's map converter tool: (the maps AEpyraR and AEtimeR). For this I converted the original temporary textures from Reflex to TGA format, scaled them down to 25% a much lower resolution, that can be used in GTKradiant. This works together with the texture scaling Radiant uses by default of 0.5... so the textures can be used as they are immediately. A typical usage would be to use Radiant texture search and replace ability to replace existing textures with the Reflex ones. The textures in the pack have the exact paths used in Reflex. Since the converter above does not change the texture paths, the initial Q3A map, after conversion, should then show the proper textures in Reflex. Note: Alignment of textures does not really work, the converter ignores such info. Preview: Radiant Place-Holder Images for Reflex (note the new place-holder images I created for all the lights) Download: reflex_textures_25%_lights.zip (on Mediafire, 519 KB) Installation & Usage: Unpack the above zip file into Q3A's base folder, e.g. Quake3baseq3. The texture set pk3 should then be in: Quake3baseq3reflex_textures_25%_lights.pk3 Launch GTKradiant (I recommend using v1.6.4)... and load the map you would like to use the Reflex textures in. The textures can be accessed under the Textures menu: environment (lava, slime, water) internal (darkcaulk, ...) structural (includes new light place-holder textures I created, and all the grid etc. textures) Use Textures menu, Find / Replace... to select a search texture, and then define a replace texture from the textures window (t-key by default). Or multi-select brush faces to then place the Reflex textures on them. Tip... replace Q3A's caulk with the Reflex darkcaulk (internaleditortextureseditor_nolight.tga) texture. Since this helps Reflex lightmap compiles. Once you have the textures all in place, save the Q3A map, then use the converter tool, to convert the map from Q3A .map format to the .map format of Reflex. Place the converted map into Reflex's map folder: SteamsteamappscommonReflexbaseinternalmaps Launch Reflex, open the console, type "map <mapname>" to launch the map. Your map should be showing the correct Reflex textures now. (Note conversion of entities is there, sort of... when I did it months ago it was not present at all.) Note: The textures are only to be used as place-holders in GTKradiant, as editor-only textures, and are not to be compiled into a map that runs under Q3A. For that reason the .pk3 does not contain any shaders, e.g. for the lights. To Reflex devs: I asked Newborn a while back if redistributing the low quality Reflex textures in a pk3 was possible. He OK'ed "research usage". Should the usage here at the forum not be permissible, I will immediately take down the download.
  3. Just wanted to say that I think the game looks really nice with the dev textures, and or though I look forward to seeing the gothic and ruined themes, I would like to see some maps keep the clinical dev texture look. Maybe not worth a thread, but there you go
  4. This is made for maximum visibility. Since as of now we can only successfully re-texture the models to be completely black with green outlines, without disrupting the model lighting, i created a texture set of blank white/light gray textures that replace the default game textures to help make the blacks stand out. It looks like r_picmip 16 in quake live but with no browns. Video: Get it here: https://mega.co.nz/#!JMIxTIRA!ok-zkCxupnmurKPKwQvLzL-64PrZZkfrG8vlaw-zsKU Place the contents of wall_textures into Reflexbasestructuraldev Place the contents of enemy_textures into Reflexbaseinternalcharactershostile Be sure to back up your original textures before replacing them.
  5. arkore

    Assets.map (Textures.map)

    Similar to Praxismo's But this is my version, and I prefer to call it "textures". Download textures.map UPDATE: Download the new: assets.map (lights, stairs, slipgates, octagon trim blocks, etc.) Also has clip, water, and lava textures. These texture blocks are in alphabetic order, from top to bottom; similar to viewing the listing of materials in the ContentBrowserHack. Column 1 = Main (grid) textures. Column 2 = Main (no-grid) version. Column 3 = Trim version. Column 4 = Lights. --- How to use: 1. Put textures.map in your reflex/base/internal/maps/ folder. 2. Run Reflex, go to console, and type: map textures 3. In console, type: savemap mymap 4. Them type: map mymap 5. Begin editing/making your map. Select a textured block, and press "K" to get (set to active material) the texture from it. Now select your block, and press "M" to apply that texture. --- UPDATE: Assets.map
  6. as in the topic, if yes how exactly?