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Found 12 results

  1. Workshop - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=900335975 map page - http://thc333.com/reflex/#fifteenth direct screens - http://thc333.com/reflex/thct1/index.html
  2. map page - http://thc333.com/reflex/#sixteenth direct screens - http://thc333.com/reflex/thct2/index.html http://thc333.com/reflex/thct2styledark.zip http://thc333.com/reflex/thct2a.zip
  3. tehace

    thcdm13 - Simplicity

    The new version will be available within next patch and is currently playable on some hosts as thcdm13pro. I dont have a firm date of when that might happen tho. V6.3 Its the current version where I work on sorting out the clipping issues if you happen to get stuck on some panels plz let me know. Map is currently available on turbopixel hosts, my pl host (game.thc333.com), chicago shitshow, f3already (it might be outdated in other places). V2 ---------------------------------------------------- The modified version is now available as thcdm13-v2 it will stay that way until it can be included within a new patch just so I dont mess with people lm being valid on some host while being broken on others which will happen if I woudl just replace regular dm13 with it, yeah I know I will loose stats on f3 already but Im not a stat whore anyway ;p map page - http://thc333.com/reflex/#third direct screens - http://thc333.com/reflex/thcdm13 the most substantial change is this - http://thc333.com/re.../thcdm13-03.jpg If you want to have a look at some games on it, stop by tomorrow for the minicup - more info here - V1 ---------------------------------------------------- Keep exploring the same concept of item combination while trying to keep the map compact and somewhat optimized for reflex movement, quite a few easy and progressively harder jumps, Im afraid that if you're new to the reflex you will have hard time on this map. BONUS: HAL_9000 vs rokky showmatch Visual style inspired by minimalistic architecture concepts like yeah Im aware that I have a lot of cut corners but I guess you dont run with such high speeds at home. Big props to F14m3z for all the help, the broken tiles on the MH or the RA ledge are basically his creations, he also helped out with many other improvements.
  4. map page - http://thc333.com/reflex/#sixth direct screens - http://thc333.com/reflex/thct3/index.html Simple duel map with kind of circular flow, open with lost of connections / cut-outs. If you are able to make stair jumps coming with speed you might like this map even more. Originally the map did not have RG but people whined about it and seeing how RL is the most dominant weapon nowadays anyway I've added it but it might change in the future depends on where we end up being with the balance. Currently zero nolight have been used I'll update the map with it sometime later but thats the reason why LM is that big and I have fair amount of brushes that it going to take a bit for a proper nolight ;0 prototype stage (without RG) more videos incoming, thanks to all the people that helped out testing mazu, cremator, flowie, jjuho, wallen to name a few + all those random peeps that keeps joining and getting their ass kicked on a new map
  5. Map page - http://thc333.com/reflex/#tenth Screens - http://thc333.com/reflex/thcdm9/ If you want to test it out without having to download textures or they dont work for some reason the map is also available on my FR host or look for "[FR]thc333.com/reflex" in the server browser and callvote map thcdm9tx updated the zip with textures that have mipmaps. some trims are fucked up, some leaks but overall the textures worked just fine. http://thc333.com/reflex/thcdm9.jpg im sorry I had to do this map and details coming soon... as a side note HAL was kind enough to bash some of my maps therefore I got some good criticism so I'm going to be updating a lot of the other maps sometime soon. oh and happy new year everyabody :> edit: textures - http://www.mapcore.org/topic/13903-texture-set-pk02-sourcetga-versions/ (thanks majki).
  6. tehace

    thcdm12 - Absinthe

    Thanks to Kovak/HAL/entik (in no particular order) I've tried to avoid corridors, keep things simple and make a map that is relatively small. YA room have already been reworked according to some issues that rose during limited testing, hell HAL even jumped in and shoot at walls he didnt liked here is what came out of this: map page - http://thc333.com/reflex/#thirteenth direct screens - http://thc333.com/reflex/thcdm12/index.html WIP VERSIONS: thc333.com/reflex/thcdm12c.zip removed some walls, added ledges. thc333.com/reflex/thcdm12d.zip I've just thrown some ideas in this one, needs testing. Added RA portal + connection, extended GA ledge in YA room. Weakened the ledge above the MH.
  7. tehace

    thcdm4 - Acidic Nature

    Map page - http://thc333.com/reflex/#sixth Screens directly - http://thc333.com/reflex/thcdm4/index.html The quest for compact duel map like cpm3 continues. This time I feel like the scale is there (dm2/3 being too big imo). I worked on dm4 for like 2 days and have a great idea but it turned out to be completely enormous map for a duel... therefore I scraped it and quickly put together very messy version of this map with very basic blocks (most of the time not even connected properly) and after getting the feeling and scale I polished them out. From very limited time I had on it playing with friends (more playtest to follow) it felt pretty good. Would love to hear your feelings about the gameplay & aesthetics. I wonder how much health is advised to be on a small map like this? AEon suggestion to made the stairs stripes turned out great Im still struggling with light leaks. How does that works exactly I have several instanced where I had some weird light just popping out of nowhere in the middle of the wall once i put another object next to it (they didnt have any textured sides exposed to outside light nor they were overlaping... Map on reflexfiles - http://reflexfiles.com/file/34
  8. tehace

    mapmakers rant

    Map page - http://thc333.com/reflex/#eleventh Direct screens - http://thc333.com/reflex/thcdm10/ This one turned out to be much darker than the previous one with kind of warn-out style, no eye-shooting colours this time. It is probably the closest attempt for a compact map so far. Some triple/stairs jumps but one notable is the MH celling jump that if connected with the ledge where YA is will boost you to the 50HP bubble (or that level in general), the rest you'll figure out if played enough Map comes with a brand new UNSUPPORTED TEXTURES SIGN so people dont bother devs about AA and other stuff that might occur broken also keep in mind Im using some great but rather old textures resized in some cases so the quality might be debatable. I messed up with the texturing quite a bit so it become a bore to manage them at a later stage so there are two things I have noticed You'll get missing textures because some unseen surfaces are still textured with some textures that have different location I just couldn't bother to clean them up ;p I used zero nolight and have barely any leaks.
  9. tehace

    thcdm7 - waterception

    It does exists! map page - http://thc333.com/reflex/#eight direct screens - http://thc333.com/reflex/thcdm7/index.html
  10. tehace

    thcdm6 - deathmorning

    deathmorning fraggers map page - http://thc333.com/reflex/#seventh direct screens - thc333.com/reflex/thcdm6
  11. tehace

    thcdm8 - her highness

    map page - http://thc333.com/reflex/#nineth screens - http://thc333.com/reflex/thcdm8/index.html Im running out of colours ;0
  12. tehace

    thcdm5 - electrodynamics

    map page - http://thc333.com/reflex/#sixth direct screens - http://thc333.com/reflex/thcdm5/index.html so it turned out quad materials can have variety of uses ;0 lets have something to play over the weekend HF