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Found 4 results

  1. TDM has always been one of the hardest modes to play, especially for new players. One reason for this is that team play in public TDM (and even in pickups) is mostly non-existent. The game could alleviate this by providing players with the information that their team mates are not, namely item times (though one could argue that timing weapons is more important in TDM, but thats another kettle of fish). A lot of people have strong feelings about item timers one way or another but what I propose is some kind of middle ground, partial item timers. whatever crazyal, get to the point Partial item timers as I envision them would provide timers to the team who last picked up said item. So if Team A gets the first red, they have exact timing on the next red but if they lose the next red to Team B then Team A's red timer disappears and Team B now has the red timer. One possible issue that arises from this is that if Team A have control of the red, Team B never knows when the red is coming up so they're never able to contest for it. A possible solution to that is that Team A gets an exact timing, where as Team B only gets a vague timing, say for example the timer only shows up 5 seconds before the item where as Team A can see the full countdown. Another solution to that issue could be that the team without the timing (or even both teams) would see a 3d timer only when they are close to the item (kinda like Quake Live timers). Note this should only give a vague timing, not exact.
  2. Most of you who have been playing reflex for over few months have probably noticed the greatest debate, whether to keep the timers or not. This topic will be completely different. This topic is intended to help developers and the community to come up with conclusion referring to what to do with the timers. People on forum, irc and now discord always complain about either having timers or not having them in the future but no one is trying to come up with solution that would make both sides happy. For example: A powerup that will allow the player to see ground timers (like in QL) instead of displaying it on the hud. The powerup would spawn at 4 minutes and 8 minutes (it can be more balanced but it's rough for now). To make it more fair, the powerup will probably last somewhere between 5 - 10 seconds and if you die, you do not drop it and when you respawn, you will not have the ability to see the ground timers anymore. (EDIT) Randomly spawning power up. The power up will respawn only 2 times at random times so it will never show up at the same time meaning the players cannot time it. This will allow both players to have a fair chance of grabbing it instead of having to fight over it. An idea that wouldn't work well. After speaking to a few people, having random power up pop up is a little bit ridiculous. Those are just two rough ideas that I came up with and thought would work pretty well in duels. I hope that everyone will be mature enough to not shit post here and actually help find a solution so we can make everyone's life easier! Please only post solutions/ideas and responses to the given ideas. Thanks guys! P.S. When this topic will receive tons of responses with ideas, I will make a pool so everyone can vote for their favorite one.
  3. TornadoStorm

    Idea for Timers

    Hello, I've been hearing a lot about timers lately, and I had this pretty interesting idea about timers; Since matchmaking and ranking will be coming in soon, I would guess that there would be some sorts of casual modes, and some sorts of competitive modes, similar to most competitive games, like Starcraft II or CS: GO. My idea is that timers are enabled in casual modes that do not contribute to ranks, that way players would be able to learn how timers work and eventually know them off heart. Then in matchmaking ranked modes, timers on the HUD are removed. I get the feeling this idea may already have been said, but just expressing my thoughts What you guys think?
  4. Pill_

    Seconds on the clock

    So now that newborn has stated item timers will be removed in the future, the next question becomes whether or not the game clock should show the exact second in comp mode. Personally I prefer no seconds, feels more like raw skill imo. If this topic has already been discussed ad nauseum, the mods can delete this thread, I won't make an esr thread defending my first amendment rights.