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Found 1 result

  1. Is anyone interested in competing in an NA Reflex CTF Tournament? I'm very interested in putting one on but we I feel we need at least 4 teams of 4 people (16 total) committed to playing in it. I'm also planning to put some of my own money into a prize pool and accepting donations as well to further incentivize participation. I am HOPING to be able to put up about $100 USD and I know of one other person who is also willing to put in $100 USD, so the prize pool should have a fairly sizable boost right off the bat. I would like to limit the tournament to individuals who reside in NA (US, Canada, Mexico) to ensure all matches can be played without ping issues, but if it becomes apparent that we are very close to reaching the goal of 4 teams of 4, then I may decide to allow some. We can have people sign up individually and then try to set up the teams based on estimated skill to keep things interesting. I would prefer that we don't have too many good players on the same team with each other and so myself, hoyt, messik, etc. wont be playing on the same team to ensure that one team doesn't just steam roll everyone else. If you're interested in this, please leave a comment and reply to the poll. If I get enough responses/interest we will take the process further and actually try to figure out what dates work for people etc... TL;DR: NA CTF Tourney (maybe), need 16 people (preferably only NA), will be prize pool, teams or individuals okay, don't worry about skill Tenative Map Pool Idea: Monolith, Sky Temples, Spider Crossing, Camper Crossing, Future Crossing