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Found 1 result

  1. Devil

    Devils DeFlex

    Just picked up Reflex the other day and I love it so far. The map editor is so much easier to work with than Radiant in some respects but missing a lot of features currently. Started working on a training facility called Deflex named after a combination of Defrag + Reflex. The goal is to make it a comprehensive training facility where veteran players can take beginners for movement and physics training. Inspired by XCM_Tricks2 and Tr1ckhouse_beta3 from Quake 3 where myself and likely many of you spent days or weeks training. Circle Jump Trainer: 24 lanes with color coded ledges. Each lane increments by 8u making jumps incrementally harder to challenge any skill level. Strafe Jumping Trainer: 6 color coded lanes. They scale exponentially to different skill levels. Will probably break each lane up with 2 pads per lane for a total of 12 skill levels. Rocket Jump Trainer: Maximum height trainer. 32 color coded lanes. Each ledge height is increased by 8u. Teleport Jump Trainer: Similar to the circle jump trainer but relying on teleport double jumps to help you figure out your maximum teleport jump distance. Rocket Jump Course: Beginner level linear course 2X Rocket Jump Course: Learn how to use 2 rockets at once. Stair Jump Course: Dustin built the advanced course. We have yet to build a beginner and intermediate course. Double-Jump Course: Run style course focusing on double jumps built by mr.worm. Teleporter Jump Course: Another room built by Dustin to teach you basic teleporter jumping techniques. Next: Stake Jumping Because Reflex currently does not have the ability to remove weapons you can cheat most sections by using weapons not designed for the course. Since they are training courses the only thing really being cheated is your own skills development. Cheat them or not doesn't matter to us because it will only hurt your own progression as a player. I'm not going to make the map file available yet because it's still way too early for that. This is a build topic for DeFlex.