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Found 12 results

  1. Smilecythe

    [race] rr_smile3

    Some challenging and unique jumps. Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1183487713
  2. Goulox

    Beginner's duel

    This map is a prototype, designed for beginners to enjoy and learn duel mode while playing. When I say "beginners", I really mean people who barely know the game or any other afps, or just don't know what is going on in duel. I often play with such people, because I get my friends to test the game as soon as I can, and what I learned is that we don't even imagine what is difficult for them. Obviously, 2 main components are : WEAPONS (collecting and switching weapons, thinking of what weapon to select while fighting) MAP (orienting themselves on the map is difficult, that's why they run ramdomly most of the time) they don't even think about items at this point Problem is, before having just a glance of the tactical interest of the game, there is a long way to go... Therefore for them the game is just about wandering and shooting what is moving, and of course getting crushed =). My idea is to have a map that is way more simple than usual duel maps, but still fun =), so that it's less noisy (in terms of information), and make it easier and faster for beginners to come to focus on what matters (in theory). So on this map, the main features are : Only main weapons are present (2RL, 1 IC, 1 BR) 1 GA and 1 YA (ya armor is in middle of the map in the air so easy and fun to punish. 2x 25hp and 1 50hp lots of double jumps to train, also 2 triple jumps in BR room (and it is possible to do one tele jump & one stair jump but quite optionnal) All the spawn points are very close to weapons The map plan is very simple, easy to learn There is just one 1-way tele, cause teles cause a lot of confusion for new players Feedback and ideas are welcome on 2 aspects : - On the concept of having more simple duel maps for beginners in general. - On the map in itself. Cheers, Map name : beginner_duel_1 Workshop link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=974358091
  3. ZEMOS

    Mapping question

    Howdy folks. Got a bit of a two sided question here. Working on a training/duel map from the older Q1 days and I couldn't see to be able to get a working door. Are there no working doors? Specifically team based doors (one team can go through and the other can not). Not being able to make a proper door (like I wanted) - I opted to using teleporters. But same issue, I could not find a teamclip function that would allow TeamA to go though and not TeamB (TF days). Anyone have any input on how to get either a door or a working teamclip? Thanks in advance, Z
  4. Eldrek

    Game Mode Problems

    So with matchmaking on the way, I think it's a good time to start talking about gamemodes and the flaws surrounding them. Right now almost every mode is seriously broken in some way. Let's make a list of the problems. I'll split them into two categories: flaws/bugs and missing features. Note that this isn't really the place to dream up new modes, its more focused on fixing the ones we currently have. FFA flaws/bugs Joining players are automatically added to the game, causing afk joins while they load the map. Disconnecting players are lagged out instead of removing them, causing afks and hitbox/model disconnect no autoremove for afks, again causing afk players.. missing features Gonna include workshop sorting issues here, because finding good maps is pretty important to the pub ffa experience TDM flaws/bugs No teamsize or lock team options. 2v2 does not exist in the game, despite having a 2v2 mapping contest.. pause match/timeout missing features Team info widgets in default hud is really important to tdm weapon drop CTF flaws/bugs Teamsize/lock team Arena mutator removes flags from map missing features team info by default again would be really important here callvote timeout flagdrop/weapondrop/quaddrop scoring for non-cap events Race flaws/bugs Weapon movement is terrible with ping spectating deletes score no option to hide other players missing features checkpoints leaderboards persistant records ghosts to race against, of fastest player or personal best Duel flaws/bugs spectators count towards votes Occasionally the order of the people in queue is mixed up. (Xytaglyph's post for details) missing items at start is still a thing changing name moves up in queue missing features Forfeit option while preserving stats All things considered, duel is the most complete mode I think. Would love to hear some issues others have with it.
  5. Hello everyone ! The parkourstation_alpha can be found in workshop now! I leave the new parkourstation file in this thread for those who want to test the map however it isn't fully functional, use at your own risk! props to seekax, saboo, santile, smik3r, addictus, promeus, nathan, warlord wossman, def and all the people who has been testing and playing the map, thanks. (DOWNLOAD AT BOTTOM OF THE POST) parkourstation_beta6.map
  6. Joe

    Crown Fort

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=751268863 I heard about the training game mode coming in 0.46 and decided to start making a map for it. I wanted to create a kind of 'level' similar to some early AFPS single player missions. Of course there isn't the tools to do anything as complex as that, so i did what i could with the tools provided in 0.46. The path is linear and you should have a very easy time figuring out where to go next. The level is a maze of sorts with some hidden items and some powerups you can grab if you can figure out how to get them. The level is 99% done. There are a few things that need polishing, I can't do them right now because I go away for a week in a few hours, and simply don't have the time. Hope you enjoy.
  7. Jaguar

    Movement Tutorial

    I made a thing. Please read the description, it has links to the tutorials that helped me learn the game (looking at you guys, @KovaaK & @entik!), as well as links to some nice Reflex race videos by wh1te. Those will give you an idea of how deep the movement system goes and just how fast the high skill players can go. It ain't perfect, it was unscripted, but hopefully it will help some people. Share it and show the world how cool Reflex is
  8. Updated 25-05-2015, see two new screenshots and versioning comments Updated 03-08-2015, new flat area in main room Updated 09-04-2016, adjusted to player height, some decor, enlarged some rooms This is a training map to practice and refine movement skills. It was originally made for CPMA but carries over extremely well to Reflex. The principle behind b0 is that almost all of the moves and jumps have their original counterparts in existing maps. So by jumping around you don't practice an abstract skill of strafepads or double/triple jumps but actual shortcuts and moves you can use during deathmatch. Additionally the jumps have usually been made a bit harder (distance/height) so when you go back to the actual maps, the jumps will be easier to execute. The jumps are organized in four categories: "Training" (numbered, strung together as sequences, ascending difficulty) "Technique" (specific weapons or jumps like double, triple and stairs) "Special" (freestyle, puzzles, experiments) "Run" (crystalline teleporters, hybrid versions of sequenced jumps and/or freestyle rooms) The map, huge thank you to reflexfiles and goober is up here: http://reflexfiles.com/file/149 An awesome guide: Some pictures: What's next? Right now this is absolutely work in progress. There are a few missing brushes, texturing, lighting is being worked on right now. However, b0 is actually not supposed to exit beta, ever. Its purpose is to serve as a training resource. So it only makes sense that it is updated from time to time to remain relevant. Triple jumps are a great example for this. Changes in movement code are another. Intervals could range from weeks to years, whatever makes sense and time allows Versioning: 2015-02-07 - 001 - Ported from b0_final for CPMA, teleporters and navigation functional. 2015-05-25 - 002 - Added completely new playground room including easy (!) pads and opportunities to practice air control, telejumps and a few more things. Contains additional jumppads to help new players reach speed and practice moving at and maintaining high velocity. Triple jump room refined and usable, looking forward to who completes it 2015-08-03 - 003 - New flat 2400x2400 unit flat area adjacent to main room with line markers to practice circle jumping and running and showing off basics to spectators if needed. 2016-04-08 - 004 - Redid some areas visuallyfor fun and looks, more importantly fixed jumps that used headbumps
  9. Furioness training map rocket 1 Some implementation of my idea about train map with jumpads. I not pretend on HYPE, just want that someone get this idea and create some awesome. Thx MeltingDimensions. U can find this on my server. Download http://reflexfiles.com/file/419/
  10. Xytaglyph

    Xyrenas - Weapon Arena Map

    Xyrenas - A Weapon Arena map REFLEX FILES By: Xytaglyph With the new weapon restrictions I decided to try and make a map with multiple arena rooms where players could practice each weapon against other players individually, I also wanted to make an arena that had a no splash damage area that would allow for direct hit rocket practice in order to work on prediction in fights. I will probably add to this in the future based on requests or once we get the ability to make good mid air mode arenas. You have to suicide or go to spec to get back to the main hub, this is because I could not figure out a way to make it possible to go back that could not interfere with a duel that was going on. Screenshots:
  11. I was thinking about ways of making this game more accesible, which turbopixel has already decided to take the approach of improving teaching rather than watering down the game. how can we innovate tutorials, and training, learning? I think making it social is a start, interactive, with lots of feedback. we saw this in devil's map where we had some 'training' seshs in almost like a shooting range of strafe pads-- it was fun because you didnt feel alone-- but maybe there is also a way of *storytelling* that makes the learning curve more FUN I always think about zen or martial arts dojos and how everyone wants to have that 'beginners mind' in a lot of difficult games like descent for example, you can find articles touching on eastern philosophy ("the tao of descent") as a way of turning the learning curve into a kind of quest for wisdom. you can see this in like hiphop too where theres a sort of mysticism of the craft and how to become a legend, demigod. looking at skateboarding culture is another place to get some wisdom i bet. skateboarding has a huge learning curve but many passionate beginners. theres also some other tropes that might be really engaging for training, like thinking about animals, hunters and prey.. check out this vid from NYT of a hawk with a FPS cam strapped to its head. they talk about the "straight chase" vs "playing the angle" and it could be straight from quake this strategy. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/02/science/natures-fighter-jets-with-flapping-wings.html anyone following me here? can you think of some interesting ways, tropes to turn the steep learning curve into an adventure? I think Entik has done a really good job in his vids so far, making them stylish, making you WANT to learn. X.x
  12. I'm building a new movement map, and I want to collect 10-15 (if there are that many) of the most common trick jumps on maps being played right now. I'm going to try and reproduce them all to exact scale within the map for easy training. the ones I recognize so far are: -cpm22abcdefg stair to red armor -bdm3 telejump to mega -bdm3 stairjump to red armor -cpm1 telejump to yellow armor -that FFA map(xdfm2) double jump from yellow 8u step to yellow armor help me add to this list if you can, screens or description of the map and jump are helpful in tracking them down