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Found 6 results

  1. To celebrate the launch of this series I will be hosting a newbienight Sunday, March 18th! Information : http://forums.reflexarena.com/topic/4729-reflex-newbie-night-announcements/?do=findComment&comment=36884 Reflex itself is an extremely hardcore game, and yet we have such a great new player friendly community. It's something special to have both, and our responsibility to maintain that by investing in future competition and future competitors. These tutorials have been a long term project of mine where I've tried to incorporate everything I've learned from teaching players into a compete series that will give all the guidance necessary to become competitive at Reflex in a short period of time. Thank you to all the new players who indirectly (or directly) helped out with this series. Watching you guys improve at Reflex has been a ton of fun for me. This series is split into [Basics] and [Patterns] sets. Since the goal is providing the best tutorials possible, I will be releasing them in groups so I have the ability to improve the later videos based on feedback. [Basics] [Reflex Basics 1] Getting Started in Reflex [Reflex Basics 2] Introduction to Duel [Reflex Basics 3] Basic Item Play [Reflex Basics 4] Factors that Determine Fights [Reflex Basics 5] The Secret to Improvement [Patterns] [Reflex Patterns 1] Things that Matter in Duel [Reflex Patterns 2] All Starting Spawns [Reflex Patterns 3] The Catalyst Guide [Reflex Patterns 4] Pocket Infinity Guide [Reflex Patterns 5] Furnace Guide Link to Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoszoDtQjpErdTa8k21We228JOwZnkhRV Feel free to ask me any questions on discord and I'll answer as soon as I can - DazedSpartan#3488. If you are a new player, add me on steam and I will help matchmake you with other new players to play- http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042185286 I encourage competitively minded players of all levels to participate in Reflex Monthly Cups- Most importantly: play more Reflex!
  2. Hello everyone ! The parkourstation_alpha can be found in workshop now! I leave the new parkourstation file in this thread for those who want to test the map however it isn't fully functional, use at your own risk! props to seekax, saboo, santile, smik3r, addictus, promeus, nathan, warlord wossman, def and all the people who has been testing and playing the map, thanks. (DOWNLOAD AT BOTTOM OF THE POST) parkourstation_beta6.map
  3. I made this to help new players who might not be familiar with installing scripts and fiddling about in file explorer. Basic stuff I know, but I also know that some players will just completely avoid this stuff, thinking it is too difficult. This video should serve to show that it is simple and worthwhile.
  4. Jaguar

    Movement Tutorial

    I made a thing. Please read the description, it has links to the tutorials that helped me learn the game (looking at you guys, @KovaaK & @entik!), as well as links to some nice Reflex race videos by wh1te. Those will give you an idea of how deep the movement system goes and just how fast the high skill players can go. It ain't perfect, it was unscripted, but hopefully it will help some people. Share it and show the world how cool Reflex is
  5. I noticed that people aren't really utilising prefabs yet, they are really powerful!
  6. Hey there! This thread is to document some common issues I see in maps, and easy solutions. I'll preface it by saying I'm not a famous or known mapmaker, and that anything I've witnessed is from more experience playing maps, not making them. So, take anything here with a grain of salt. 1: Don't ostracize players from playing the map By this, I mean don't make items require advanced jumps or special techniques to get to them. Certain players won't care to learn the movement, why punish them in a huge way by not allowing them to get items? If the item can't be grabbed without a normal jump, you'll need to rethink the placement a bit. No, this doesn't mean don't reward movement by adding special routes and options for players who know what they're doing. Go crazy with them! But, allow the casuals to get items too. Don't make it an unenjoyable experience for people who can't move/have no desire to learn to move. 2: Don't have weird blocks protruding from walls. It looks weird and unnatural in most maps. Do what CPM15 did, have a ramp inset on the wall. Instead of this do this instead. Looks cleaner, feels better, won't interrupt people who're hugging the walls. 3: Make map first, paint after. Set all your map elements to nolight during the creation. Afterwards, go in and paint individual sides the way you want using +editorfacemode combined with me_setmaterial. It's slightly more tiresome and effort, although the result should be a map without a chance of light leaking through. Nolight isn't 100%, but it certainly prevents the chance of leaking for the most part. (More content will be added as extra stuff comes up)