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Found 5 results

  1. hey, this was supposed to be released december 26th, but i just couldnt make it in time. it was so much work + some serious IRL issues came up around christmas time as well unfortunately. anyway here it is - my christmas present for the whole (racing) community. enjoy.
  2. Minecraft has this, and other games too. Great for when you are recording a video and using yourself as the camera, so to speak. Like, people running past you, you can pan smoothly. Please
  3. Check it out here: https://secure.twitch.tv/fractaljaguar/v/80296676 Check out the final, deciding game in the final between @Kyto & @HAL_9000 here. Hooray for timestamps. https://secure.twitch.tv/fractaljaguar/v/80296676?t=03h26m00s Videos on my youtube channel already but currently unlisted. Will set to public later, I don't think any players will mind the video being available so I might just do that now. I was quite tired by the final game, and my casting style isn't extroverted, but hey, deal with it There were a few particularly nice shots in the game, two instances with a rocket or IC attack pushing a player off the red armour. I really enjoyed those. If you can give me timestamps for 1) start of games and 2) any highlights, I'd really appreciate it.
  4. Hi everyone, I recently started a new Youtube channel and I would like to start recording my gameplay in Reflex and uploading it. I've run some tests in OBS at 60FPS @ 8192kbps, which was acceptable viewing quality but I need to sort the frame-rate out. Perhaps I need to record at 125fps instead, or maybe I need to tweak settings. If anyone has experience recording Reflex gameplay to video, particularly if you're using OBS, I'd like to hear about it. I will try FRAPS next and then Shadowplay and compare the results. I'll keep you all posted! I wanted to start a thread on this topic because a quick search revealed little discussion about it, if any at all. I know a few people stream Reflex but I always miss their streams!
  5. kRVRKV


    Would be easier if you'd watch the video first, than if I'd try to explain the problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b62PwSVrC6s Basically how I understand it, is that the AOE sphere, in other words splash damage is global and ignores object collision. Not sure if someone already have reported that because I've checked the forums and haven't found anything like that. Really hope that devs would fix this because this bug is massive. Some information to take under consideration: 1. Ping difference between players was 160ms 2. Machine gun's splash is too small to penetrate thick walls (haven't tested it on thin walls) 3. Didn't try GL either 4. RL's slash doesn't penetrate walls 2 big squares thick, so I guess you are getting hit buy the radius of the actual splash dmg that pops out of the texture 5. BUILD NUMBER IS 0.30.4 Really hope that this is getting fixed unless it is a feature of the game... Love the game tho, big upppp