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Found 7 results

  1. igotyoupham

    Should Reflex Arena be free?

    So, nearly everybody that plays Reflex Arena enough to understand the game agrees that the game is quite close to perfection, but it's lacking a playerbase. What if Reflex Arena went free and had weapon skins like Quake Champions does? Perhaps there can be consolation in the form of skins or colors exclusive to only the people that paid for reflex like the current playerbase. What do you guys think?
  2. I don't want any fancy prioritization just swap to the next weapon in numeric order by variable that has ammo. Don't point me to a mod. This is a simple variable check that calls the weapon swap code already in place if ammo <=0, it would take very minimal effort for the devs to implement.
  3. First off I know this isn't an issue with my mouse, I play Quake Live and several other games and have no problems. In Reflex from time to time, not extremely commonly but once every few matches or so I'll try to fire a weapon that's not in it's reload and it won't fire. I've specifically noticed this with the Shotgun but it may happen with other weapons. I've had a similar occurence with jumping. I have Mouse2 bound to jump and sometimes jumps don't register. This usually happens going for double jumps and triple jumps, which is horrible because this is a skill based mechanic. I've also had it happening when doing strafe jumping on Reflextrain though. If I had to put a number on it I'd say maybe 1/100 times these things happen, but sometimes it's more often or less. I recently had my weapon not fire and jumping problems multiple times in one match and it's making me not want to play Reflex at all. It's extremely frustrating whenever it happens.
  4. Edit: Sold to capodecima on Steam! Hi guys, I'm trying to offload the now unavailable supporter battle axe - I am chasing $50USD (cost price) for it via PayPal. Please contact me here in the thread and I will get in touch with you through steam to discuss the trade. The money will be put to good use keeping Aussie servers running for further months, so it's not going entirely away from supporting Reflex Cheers - remm
  5. TornadoStorm


    As AMAZING as the concept art weapons look, will the weapon have some sort of Steam marketplace support, like CS: GO? As in will there be weapon skins/character customization content available to earn in future? (Yes I am aware that you can change character color in 3 parts) This game is really fun, it's just that if it is to gain more playability and popularity, having some sort of customization/rewards for playing would be a great idea
  6. UltraKill

    Weapon config for server

    Hello all, is possible to configure weapons on server? for example: RL - selfdamage 0 / damage 100 / speed 500 / firerate 30 SG damage 0 / spread 10 / firerate 30 LG damage 10 / firerate 3 / selfdamage 0 and etc.. --- like quake 3 Excessive Plus mod. - Knockback Damage and Knockback have been separated. You can have high damage * weapons but disable or lower the pushing effect. A negative value * will pull the player instead of pushing him. If not specified, * value is taken from Damage setting - Radius Radius to apply to splash damage and for within splash and self * knockback have effect - Splash Damage Max amount of splash damage to inflict, real damage will vary * depending on the distance of the enemy to the explosion * * - Splash Knockback Max amount of splash knockback to apply to other players. If not * specified, value is taken from Splash Damage setting * * - Self Knockback Amount of splash knockback to apply only to self. A positive value * means radial knockback, whereas a negative value means a fixed value * regardless of the distance of the explosion. If not specified, * value is taken from Splash Knockback setting * * - Self Knockback HV Horizontal/Vertical asymmetry control for the Self Knockback * It may vary in range [1...0...-1] and that is equivalent to * [just horizontal...symmetric...just vertical] knockback proportion * * - Self Slide Factor Multiplier to the time to slide with no control, no friction * and no gravity after being kicked by self * * - Firing Knockback Amount of knockback to apply to self when firing the gun, wich * produces a kick effect * * - Firing Knockback HV Horizontal/Vertical asymmetry control for the Firing Knockback. * Range and meanings see the Self Knockback HV description. * While standing on ground the vertical portion of firing knockback * will be not greater than (limited to) its horizontal portion * * - Team Knockback Same as Knockback but applied to your teammates when you attack them. * If specified, it will replace the Knockback for the team attack * * - Team Splash Knockback Same as Splash Knockback but applied to your teammates when you * attack them. If specified, it will replace the Splash Knockback * for the team attack * * - Ammo Amount of ammo to spawn for with that weapon * * - Ammo Limit Limit ammo pickups up to this value * * - Regen Number of milliseconds for which to regenerate 1 ammo unit up to * the value of the Ammo. Weapon must not be firing to take effect * * - Sky If enabled, the weapon and missiles will hit the sky/black box * * - Weight Weitgh of the weapon. Player Speed = Player Speed / Weapon Weight * * - Bounce Number of times to bounce the shots/missiles before they explode. * A value of -1 will bounce max times alowed by the mod * * - Speed Only for missiles. Speed at which missiles move * * - Gravity Only for missiles. If enabled, the missile will be affected by * gravity * * - Time To Live Only for missiles. Number of seconds for the missile to run before * it explodes * * - Time -> * Weapon switch time specific settings. A value of 0 for any of these * setting will use global value instead --------------- example for GL. Grenade Launcher { Cycle = 800; Damage = 100; //Knockback = Damage; Splash Damage = 100; //Splash Knockback = Splash Damage; Radius = 150; Self Damage = 0.0; //Self Knockback = Splash Knockback; Self Knockback HV = 0.0; Self Slide Factor = 1.0; Firing Knockback = 0; Firing Knockback HV = 0.8; //Team Knockback = Knockback; //Team Splash Knockback = Splash Knockback; Regen = 2; Speed = 700; Ammo = 20; Ammo Limit = 200; -----///---- maybe is possible to make something like this, or other mod to configure weapons. tnx for attention
  7. kRVRKV


    Would be easier if you'd watch the video first, than if I'd try to explain the problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b62PwSVrC6s Basically how I understand it, is that the AOE sphere, in other words splash damage is global and ignores object collision. Not sure if someone already have reported that because I've checked the forums and haven't found anything like that. Really hope that devs would fix this because this bug is massive. Some information to take under consideration: 1. Ping difference between players was 160ms 2. Machine gun's splash is too small to penetrate thick walls (haven't tested it on thin walls) 3. Didn't try GL either 4. RL's slash doesn't penetrate walls 2 big squares thick, so I guess you are getting hit buy the radius of the actual splash dmg that pops out of the texture 5. BUILD NUMBER IS 0.30.4 Really hope that this is getting fixed unless it is a feature of the game... Love the game tho, big upppp