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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Reflex friends and foes. Who in this lovely community is serious and can really make me a website (obviously we'll go over detail)! Need to know more than just geocities skills like myself. Looking to hire an amazing talent to help me out. Please help sane out!! SANE SANE SANE SANE SANE SANE SANE SANE ? Etc... Message me discord or reply! If you want money slide me a piece of paper across our meeting table with your figure written out. Thank you goodnight
  2. niilzon

    ReflexRaceNet : technically possible ?

    * updated * Hello, is there a (RESTful) API available for Reflex, or any other way to extract data without running an actual client ? I'm looking for the following info : - list of all race maps - list of the time of all players for a given map The goal is to possibly rebuild something alike Racenet from Warsow. Somebody suggested to parse logs server-side which would probably work, but then we could only gather times from modded servers - is there an easier way to get such data (a REST API being the easiest) ? Thanks for any info !
  3. sane

    team website

    I know we got a lot of web designers, coders, masters of internet LANGUAGE in this community. Who can make me a team website with PHP and sexy graphics? I will pay just let me know the price. This is serious <3333 handle this for me so I don't have to use freelancer, this is your free pay day lancer dot com.
  4. sane

    Help with website!?!

    With such great websites such as PHGP and many more! Who is willing to help me create a website for my lovely clan the commission ( #thecommission ) if anyone has or knows anyone who is great with websites and easy to access/edit/update templates etc, please message me on irc or reply here. HELP <3