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Found 7 results

  1. I wrote a steam guide on how to publish a map without a lightmap, bypassing the in-game publish restrictions. Here's a link to it: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=892726203
  2. TornadoStorm

    Sound Workshop

    Hello, I have a suggestion for an addition to the Reflex workshop... Sounds! I'm thinking there could be support on the workshop for people who would like to upload / download sound mods for Reflex e.g. Announcers / Hit sounds, with ease, rather than replacing the default files, or renaming them to a different name. In addition to this, I read fuglaa's thread over here: And then got the idea that there could be also support for sound mods in the workshop to have specific sounds for each award. Would be epic with announcer voices or sound effects :3 What do you guys think, Players? Devs, is this possible?
  3. TornadoStorm

    [Suggestion] Workshop widgets

    Hello. Just a quick idea that popped up to me while installing a widget, It's a pretty tedious process installing widgets (Kinda reminds me of the old minecraft with no mod manager days xD), it would be nice to have workshop support for widgets as well as maps Like perhaps how Garry's Mod workshop tags gamemodes, maps, models and SWEPs in different sections, perhaps have a UI section in the workshop for widgets?
  4. repro: Click Play -> Create Server -> Map selection -> Select CTF mode Notice there is only 1 map? Now join a server Click Match -> Call vote match -> Map selection -> Select CTF mode Now you can see all the CTF maps.
  5. Furioness

    Steam Workshop

    Any info pls. Can it be used to servers? I mean autoupdate maps by workshop, to not all time upload something like f14p2. Also, is it including lightmap?
  6. TornadoStorm

    Custom gamemodes?

    Hello, Just wondering, will there be a feature to allow people to create their own gamemodes? Whether it's planned for way later or the next update, I don't mind And for the players, do you guys think there should be custom gamemodes? For me, I think it'd be pretty cool to have custom gamemodes, just how quake, CS: GO and other competitive fps do it, but it would be much better with the same features as CS: GO, where custom gamemodes to not contribute to your global rank status, and don't get you skins, unless the gamemode is approved
  7. TornadoStorm

    Custom mapping content?

    Hello! I was just wondering, are there any plans for user-made content in maps, such as custom textures to put on brushes, or actual props to put in the map, maybe particle effects like dust for a sandy map? In connection to that, will there be any sort of workshop support for the game? It would be great having Reflex become an even more changeable game, just was quake was