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Found 4 results

  1. Hello my name is Sane. Currently seeking a sponsorship. I will represent your brand to the fullest and get a massive following on social media and twitch. This will put your company name out there for extra popularity. I will only use your gear and brand. Let Sane be the man for you, I am highly trained and skilled in AFPS. Serious inquiries only.
  2. There have been so many games/matches/tournaments that I come to this forum thread to ask the great community of REFLEX, who do you like as a player, who do you LOOK UP TO? WHO IS YOUR IDOL. The questionnaire for you! Give me details! Favorite Player: *Favorite Play Style: *Best Player: *Worst Player: *Most Annoying To Play Against: *Biggest Whiner: *Most Friendly: *Best Rail: *Who Do You Love?: *
  3. NEWS NEWS READ ALL ABOUT IT! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for CASTERS ( mtarget calling for you ;] ) Looking for STREAM ( PHGP calling for you! ) Looking for an extra 1 or 2 ADMINS ( PLEASE! ) PM ME ON #PHGP OR REPLY HERE With Sanetopia Cup finishing off this past weekend I am looking to start another tournament for NA 1v1, but don't worry there is no rush. I am looking to start sign ups in about 3 weeks, some where around end of May or the beginning of June. The tournament will most likely start middle or end of June. You will have enough time to practice all the maps and get in shape for another exciting NA CUP! Trying to make a beautiful name this time, not sanetopia 2! hmmmm maybe.... Anyway I am looking to start it off with seeing what 5 maps will be chosen by the community to put into the tournament. The 5 maps that will have the highest votes by May 29th will be chosen for the tournament! I will be making this a POLL thread and also if you have any requests or advice for this tournament this will be the time to do so. LETS GET EVERYTHING SET FOR MAY 29th!! THAT'S WHEN THE SIGN UPS WILL BEGIN AND THE TOURNAMENT SHOULD START MID/LATE JUNE!! gogogo!
  4. VOD's Final set of Best of 5 GRAND FINALS LINK IS HERE! THANK YOU TEHACE for uploading Update May 10th, 2015 The Sanetopia Cup is COMPLETE! I first want to thank everyone that competed in the tournament and I have to say the games were epic! Thank you the community for donating and supporting us through this cup. I want to thank mtarget for the casting same with PHGP crew for providing us with the stream, and thank you Klyph0rd for helping out with the casting as well. I am probably missing some names but know that I am grateful! With that being said the games were EPIC and the finals is a MUST see! Not just because I was in it, but because we had to play 2 best of 5's and they were all SO $$$$ haha Results: 1st) Sane - $300 2nd) Gls - $150 3rd) Grape - $50 Headset Winner - Klyph0rd Brackets: HERE The VOD's will be posted most likely tomorrow after PHGP crew handles the clipping and can't wait to see it!! THANK YOU --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ESR post: HERE PHGP News + VOD's + Winners of reflex copies: HERE UPDATE! 5/3/2015 It was a very fun first day and we had many good games. Thank you for all the people that showed up and hopefully we finish this tournament off right! All players can play matches during the week if both players agree! The stream+casting+ALL of the remaining games will be played May 10th. Players can play their matches during the week if both players agree! (May 4th-May 10th) DEADLINE Date: Sunday May 10th 4pm PST / 7 EST again. (ALL REMAINING GAMES MUST BE STARTED LATEST THIS TIME!) I am looking to complete the tournament May 10th, and have the finals streamed+casted as well. So if Mtarget is willing to give us another day that would be amazing, let us know MTARGET & hopefully PHGP will give us some streaming again. Thank you so much. Also some VOD's from PHGP_HOLI thanks! http://www.twitch.tv..._tv/b/655846035 http://www.twitch.tv..._tv/b/655910375 http://www.twitch.tv..._tv/b/655924905 UPDATE! 5/1/2015 So the brackets are finally COMPLETE and this is who you will be playing, there will no longer be moving of brackets so get in contact with your opponent I created a steam group account so people can join in and find opponents if they are not using mirc, once again you can schedule matches @ #thecommission & #reflex @ quakenet.org or join my steam group which will be provided with a link below! The matches will commence May 3rd, 2015 ! The latest you can start your games is 4pm PST / 7pm EST, if you want to start earlier in the day you defiantly can! Please take screenshots of end results and post scores, you must login to you challonge account to submit scores/screenshots. Also Lonezilla & myself will be the admins to help you through anything so give us a message any time needs once again on irc or steam. Brackets: http://challonge.com/NAsanetopia Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/phgp_tv IRC Channels: #thecommission & #reflex @ Quakenet.org https://webchat.quakenet.org - if you do not have mirc client. Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NAsanetopia Steam Account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/iamsane (sane) Steam Account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/LoNeZiLLa (lonezilla) Tournament Schedule: Games start Sunday May 3rd, LATEST start time = 4pm Pacific Standard Time, 7pm Eastern. (games can be played earlier than 4pm if agreed by both players) Round 1, 2, and 3 for both winner brackets and loser brackets MUST be completed! *If players want to play round 4 matches they are allowed to on May 3rd as well, but players will not be punished if they deny to play round 4 on May 3rd* Remaining rounds of tournament will be played Sunday May 10th including Semis,finals etc. *if players agree to play rounds 4+ during the week before may 10th that is also fine if both agree* Scheduling can be lenient but Sunday May 3rd first 3 rounds are MANDATORY to be finished the day of. If you have any questions or any suggestions please reply in forum or -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******** Big thanks for all the people that donated!! I really appreciate it, hope you enjoy the tournament. I love you all!! ******** TOTAL: $500 !!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE THAT DONATED YOU ARE THE BEST!! 1) Slowdive (PROUD SUPPORTER OF SLOWDIVE hah) - $20.51 2) AZK (THE CS KILLA) - $20 3) Gangland (LA LOVE) - $0.02 (epic) 4) Linden from the Swiftnode.net crew! - $40 5) Capo (THANK YOU SIR) - $10 6) Thump4 (ARCH RIVAL ;] haha)- $11.11 7) NEWBORN (THE KING) & Turbo Pixel Studios - $100 AUD ( $76.68 USD ) 8) MacOSXUserWhoCannotPlayReflexCauseWindowsSucks (Old qw buddy aka SANES #1 FAN) love from QW! - $20 9) GLS (the commission LOVE) - $21.68 10) Ben (GLS's right hand man) - $100 11) Sane (#thecommission aka the COMMISSIONER) - $180 THANK YOU NEWBORN & TURBO PIXEL STUDIOS MAD LOVE!! shout out to SWIFTNODE servers currently hosting PHGP Reflex servers which run great!! Donations go to this Paypal: agsaneman@gmail.com ***************************************************************************** Also thank you PHGP.tv for the hype and hopefully the streaming! http://phgp.tv/news/na-cup-sanetopia/ The NA Sanetopia tournament has BEGUN! Starting Sunday May 3rd, 2015 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST join up! * ENOUGH TIME TO PRAC MAPS * MAP POOL: CPM22 / DP4 / DP5 / THCT2 / CPM3 (blame GLS, sorry tehace) CASTING: Jehar (Confirmed) - Mtarget (Confirmed) - PHGP_Zev (Semi Confirmed) - Gangland (If needed) - THANK YOU VERY MUCH GUYS STREAM: phgp.tv OR tstv - THANK YOU phgp crew and Jehar PRIZE POOL: $500 total prize pool! 1st - $300 2nd - $150 3rd - $50 Also for lesser skilled players who won't reach top3, a random "lotto" type pool to win misc. prizes!! (LOTTO PRIZE REVEALED BELOW ARE IMAGES!!!) Pictures: http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/uploads/monthly_04_2015/post-1486-0-12442100-1429861172.jpg With all the recent HYPE about the epic Ion Cannon and the epic Timers, I think we should test out the new game play in a competitive way and see how it all plays out, maybe we can settle all the arguments of game play changes with the tournament being streamed and all. See the differences between old style game play with the new! Hoping to see people actually join up and participate. If we can have someone stream/commentate games that would be perfect and also help manage/admin tournament give me a message on irc or just talk to me here. Also if anyone is willing to help out with MORE cash prizes you are more than welcome, but regardless lets have fun! ----- All the information about tournament rules etc... is in full description at this link! http://challonge.com/NAsanetopia and sign up page: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/PfALAuyQDt