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[BETA] wtf_tourney1 - A Dark Place

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So here is the result of around 40 hours of messing with the map editor (it's really fun even though very user unfriendly atm) my very first Reflex map "A Dark Place". The design is taken from an old project of mine for another Arena FPS that never got out of blockout-stage, so this is pretty much a Reflex original!


The map is medium-sized and intended for duel, though it could be playable in small FFA or maybe even 2vs2 TDM but there is no quad and I am not planning on including it. The main areas of action are the two big rooms in the map where Red Armor and Mega Health respectively are located. Another highly contested area is the Yellow Armor room where players will find not only the YA but one of two Rocket Launchers as well as two 25 HP bubbles. the area on the opposite side from the YA Room is intended as a safe zone for a player who is out of control, it contains a Green Armor, 5 Shards (making 75 armor in total) and the Plasma Rifle as well as a Shot Gun and 75HP in form of one 50HP and one 25 HP bubble. There are several trick-jumps implemented into the map, especially the MH can be approached and stolen from many different directions (keep an eye out for steal attempts if you are the one in control!). Be wary of traps like the RA spawn location, the Rail Gun chamber and the pool around the RL in the YA Room they can cost you your life!


Quick Facts:

Armors: 1xRA, 2xYA, 1xGA, 8xShards

Health: 1xMH, 1x50HP, 5x25HP, 5x5HP

Weapons: 2xRL, 2xSG, 1xPG, 1xGL, 1xLG, 1xRG

Spawns: 11

Teleporters: 2

Jumppads: 2


Channel Log 

Version Transition: a1 --> b1

Geometry Changes

-Removed Pool Room
-Moved pool into remaining YA Room
-Created connection between YA Room and RA Room
-Extended 3rd tier Platform
-Many small changes

-Clipped open spaces so players can not get out of the map

Item Changes
-Removed one YA
-Added 3 shards

Spawn Changes
-Removed one spawn
-Changed spawn locations quite a bit

Visual Changes
-Completely retextured the map
-Added basic lighting


Keep in mind that the map is still in beta phase, changes can happen if need be. I appreciate every kind of feedback on the map as I want to create a truly great and original map for Reflex duel.


Screenshots on imgur:







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whooly crap this came out of nowhere and i am loving the hell out of it. Amazing professional quality FFA map. Recommended for inclusion.


Though it is not intended as FFA material initially :D. Still thanks a lot for the praise :).

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A thing I get a lot when people first see the map is "it's big, maybe it is more suited for 2vs2 tdm" so I now ask you guys to test it out in either duel or 2vs2 tdm and tell me what you like more. Map is on the octalzeroes server as well as on the FPSports ones (though it isn't votable right now for some reason, maybe after server restart).

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Tested it out on my server, although it was only one duel, some comments.


Most of the action in the map ends up occuring around the two lower hallways and (less so) in upper hallway leading into red and yellow, plus the mega and rail room. Most of the other hallways went unused except for when deliberatly stacking on small items and trying to kill time waiting for the next major armor. The yellow placement also seems a little wonky, personally I feel it would do better placed away from red somewhere on an upper level and moving the rocket launcher from the awkward position next to the lake and onto the YA platform.


Overall though the map is really fun, it flows well and lends itself to a lot of different trick jumps.

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