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Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

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I tend to be terrible at 1v1 matches but maybe I should stop being shy for once and try it out some more.




I live in Sweden so I think the time zone is GMT +1 or something like that. My availability varies but on the mornings and early afternoons I'm most likely to not be too caught up in IMs to game.

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Poland CET

I'm online everyday, sometimes early I mean 9-10 and sometimes from 16, I often play about 21-24.


I just bought game, played maybe 5-6matches. Quake veteran but I never played cpm, having sometimes some fps drops, and just getting into game with everything.



I'm low+/medium right now, would like to play with people who know fps games, my "low" with someone who just started playing fps in competetive ever, would be like "high".

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GMT +10 


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


Available pretty much all the time from about 5-6PM on Friday to 11PM Sunday (All weekend basically) and Available most night from about 5PM most weeknights.    


Inexperienced in Reflex (Low map awareness on most maps), experience in TF2 gives me nice DM, Can straif jump and bhop and shit, but yet to fully master circle jumping. 




Really need some friends to play with so I can get better, looking to go into competitive play eventually. 

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Nicknames:   fury, furyaxsfigkjhn, bo0giem4n


Location:   Bochum, Germany


Games:   Reflex, CS:GO, Half-Life 1: Adrenaline Gamer


Skill:   Med


May give you tips on making config, basic movement and mapping.

I can also stream on twitch and host listen Reflex server.

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US, Louisiana

I guess average skill
I have subpar timing and control skills, I don't think I've ever looked at the timer. I like timers that only show minutes just so I have an idea how much longer is left in the match
I like to play fast and aggressive and somewhat reckless, I'll typically try to disengage or avoid fighting only if I'm certain I will lose. I try to challenge even at a defecit because I get a thrill out of winning fights that are against my favor
I'm still somewhat clumsy with the movement
I rely on my above average aim, prediction, and awareness skills learned in other games.
my favorite color is blue
turtles are my friends
end llfe story

any skill can add me, I can tone it down and let you play if you're worse than me and I can take a 53/-1 beating from the masters with relative grace.

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