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Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

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A past Q3/Q4/Quake Live/Warsow player. You know, one of those where life becomes a thing and they inexplicably fall off the face of the earth. Yeah, one of those.

Was mostly a CA/TDM player in QL when I used to play, but started off in, and played quite a bit of Duel, but transitioned when it became abundantly clear it's easier to enjoy a beer and keep fragging in a round-based mode. Haven't played in well over a year, and my toaster can barely keep above 60fps on performance maps, but I'm down to play whenever I'm online.

Skill: Let's start with low/low+; I've gotten seriously rusty, but I've nolifed arena FPS for a few years prior.

Location: UK

Time: Really intermittent. A couple of hours here and there; if I'm online, I'm looking.

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Also jtmuk on Discord.

I'm quite new to the aFPS genre, I've played a bit of Quake live a few years ago, a bit of CS:Source and CS:GO and a lot of BF BC2. Haven't played anything for a few years due to real life taking over but I love reflex and want to get back into it.

I'd like to get some team based games going but 1v1 will do too otherwise.

Skill: Low

Location: UK

Time: Mostly evenings around 10pm GMT

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I've played shooters for most of my life, got into AFPS with Quake Live in 2012. Moved on to Reflex in 2014, but didn't play much during 2015.

I usually try to get 1v1's going and hop into FFA or Race if I can't find one quickly.

A quick self-analysis of my skillset: Decent aim, alright movement, I can time quite well but usually forget to, I don't control the map nearly enough when in control, and my ooc play is downright abysmal at times. (tl;dr: mostly aim, barely brain)

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197995192152/

Discord: Vie #8102

Location: Finland

Skill: Med (I guess?). I'll play anyone though.

Time: Whenever I'm online; if not, contact me anyway! I might hop on if I can.


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