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'unknown host' connection problem

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Hey there!


Purchased the early access on the day of release, but unfortunately I haven't been able to play yet! I can load up the game through Steam fine - able to see the main menu and gameplay that occurs in the background. However, when I attempt to join or create a game, the loading bar doesn't go beyond 0% before it returns to the menu.


The console spits out the following:

] sv_public 0

] map 'bdm3'

server: starting up..

server: SteamGameServer_Init() returned TRUE

server: connecting to steam..

server: server is online, listen port 25787 ...

client: connecting to ...

unknown host

client: disconnected

server: stopped

player 'shootermans' connected


Is it a port-forwarding job? I only have a very layman's understanding of port-forwarding's utility and I couldn't find any relevant or specific information on the reflexfps or community forums. Apologies if this issue gas been raised elsewhere.




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That's ... weird.


What's actually happening is you're running a server and you're connecting to your own server, but it looks like it can't resolve localhost (which is your own computer!).


Do you have a firewall on or something? I have not seen this before.

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It's a weird one for sure, something I haven't been able to troubleshoot too effectively. As far as I know it's not occurring elsewhere, not sure if it's your guys fault either, just by the nature of the problem. Very confusing that it's unable to host offline.  


I've tried knocking off all my antiviruses and whatnot. Verified the game cache via Steam, twice; the first time it had to retrieve a single file, but no visible change.


I may attempt a reinstall and see what else I can dig up externally - don't want to drag you off more pressing matters just after access launch! 

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