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[European Rendez-vous] ATDM Evenings

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With the Arenas modes and some new maps we began weeklies "rendez-vous" on our server (Vil1 Arena Server Exclusively : for playing them, enjoying and get acquainted.

That is every thursday evening (GMT+1 for France, Germany...) from january and everybody is welcome. ;)


Our server have 16 slots, so if it's full we will play only two greats maps because they are our biggest :


- ra3map17 revisited : Black Moon (Vil1mapCA4_alpha)

- ra3map1 revisited : Theatre Of Pain (Vil1mapCA6_alpha)


But if we are not more than 10 we have some choice... :)


Remember the commands to be able to see clearly who is with you or not :


cl_player_outline_colour_enemy 2 (pretty blue for me)
cl_player_outline_colour_friendly 6 (white for me)


And the command for following a player when you are dead :





The evening rendez-vous is from 20:00 GMT to 22:00 GMT and the first date is thursday, January 8th 2015.


We want playing for the fun, I hope you'll enjoying. ;)



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Great idea, hopefully I'll be free! Maybe Mumble or TeamSpeak could become a thing if these meetups kick off?


Nice. We shall be probably capable of proposing a TS3 if people are really interested by more teamplay. ;)

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