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Reflex Pre-Alpha in depth review

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I realize that the game is unfinished.  The fact that the source code is not released under GPL is reason enough for me to immediately discard this title.  But I will try to look past the user-subjugating license for the purpose of this review to provide a fair and honest assessment of the game.  If the devs are willing to charge money for pre-alpha, then I'm going to take the liberty to provide constructive feedback.  I, like most of you, want Reflex to succeed.  I also want to create informed consumers who will think twice before squandering their money.
Having educated consumers is the cornerstone of a free market where hucksters cannot turn a profit.

Part one
It all started when I visited the url http://www.reflexfps.net. Right off the bat I was met with a website rife with pretentiousness and false promises.  A list of features flash across the screen such as Skill-based movement, Multi view spectating and server side recording, and classic arena gameplay.  
"Wow", I think to myself, "this game looks promising.  I even heard that entik plays it."  Now, entik is a long time hero of mine.  I played The Specialists (a half life 1 mod) with him and was always impressed by his trick jumping and ability to hit headshots with a Deagle while constantly wall flipping (trust me, it's impressive).  His movies were so legendary and all of the newbs aspired to be like him.
I knew that if entik is willing to give Reflex a chance then so should I.

Part two
$10 poorer, I opened the game and managed to open the console.  I hit tab twice and was presented a list of commands and variables.  I pressed the Page Up key to see the rest and it began slowly scrolling up.  "What the fuck?  Why won't it scroll faster?" I wondered to myself.  After about 20 minutes of slowly scrolling, I had turned down all of the graphics settings and even my resolution.  If I'm going to give this game a fair review, I need a solid 125 frames per second.

Part three
Immediately upon creating a local game,  I knew that I had been scammed.  The game was choppy even though my fps meter showed a constant 125 fps.  My rockets warped to and fro.  The jumppad was untextured and resembled a pack of wrigley's gum.  The movement was basically the same as cpma / warsow.  My eyes began to well up with tears.  entik, how could you have been so stupid?

The graveyard of dead quake-style FPS arena games is growing every year.  Nexuiz, QuakeWorld, Warsow, CPM, Quake 1-4, Painkiller, Reborn, QL, Unreal Tournament, and now Reflex.  If you are reading this thread it is likely that you have experienced the boom in FPS gaming and e sports when Fatal1ty was the greatest in the world.  Now, the community is a shadow of its former self, slowly dying.

If you would like to save this mess, you should hire tyryl as a developer because he would make this game 10 times better in about 2 hours of work.  Also you need to add Vq3 physics in order for tyryl to even consider playing this game.

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Its funny because you dont look like an informed customer yourself.



If the devs are willing to charge money for pre-alpha, then I'm going to take the liberty to provide constructive feedback


you'll also get the release version.


part one


out of those you mentioned only multiview spectating is not implemented in any way atm, you do have a classic arena gameplay / skill based movement / server side recording there already although it doesnt matter because you clearly misunderstood what current and planned features are and what is the difference between them so maybe before you try and educate others you should start with yourself.




there is saying "problems brings solutions" but I guess you decided to bang your head against the wall instead of trying to go around - https://i.imgur.com/cY39a2J.pngnext time use google search?q=reflex+console+commands would probably make your life easier.  I assume you played for another 20min and want to share your 'fair' review with the world.





See again, you encountered a problem and instead of looking for a solution you just assumed its broken. Its not but it dont have to as its in pre-alpha prototype which is clearly stated. If I have certain websites opened in the background the game feels choppy despite having the 250fps, also from time to time my mouse is not bound within a screen area when playing in fullscreen (and Im having 3 monitors) yet if I close some tabs and play in a window on monitor resolution the game is very smooth.


The netcode is nonexistent and you were never told otherwise anywhere.


Oh man the game is utter crap because it has untextured jumppad while in prototype state, not really sure how to respond to that. Im amazed you havent mentioned all weapons without proper models/textures but I guess all you have played was running around in warmup for 5min without even switching a weapon.

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There really wasn't a need to split this into different parts. It's not like i will read your post again and think "Oh, there was something interesting somewhere in the middle of his post, thank god he split it into parts so i can get there faster".

What's up with you and GPL. If you only play games under GPL you probably won't be playing a whole lot of games.

The rest is just gibberish or some attempt of trolling, so i won't bother with that.

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(This review is so bad that people keep reporting it)


The movie on the website that you didn't like was made by entik, I'll be sure to let him know your thoughts so that he can immediately distance himself from our game on your behalf.


I'd like to personally apologize that you wasted $10 on a game that doesn't scroll fast enough.


I think it was right to avoid asking for any kind of support and instead judge the games performance at twice what most modern games manage because after all, Early Access games should be at least as finished as retail releases.


I enjoyed reading your 5 paragraphs that you so carefully wrote to mask your anger at not being able to see our source code. I'm sure people won't notice that it's largely a recycling of every other post you've ever made on these forums.


I think posting this review our official forums was a good move -- I'm sure you will get nothing but praise here.


It truly breaks my heart to think that after all of the work we've put in, Reflex is already a dead AFPS like Warsow, Nexuiz and the Quake series. If only those games were GPL! They could still have thriving playerbases to this day.


I hope you have better luck with one of the (assuredly thousands) of GPL studio titles coming in 2015. Hopefully one of them has a console that scrolls at a speed that meets your exacting standards.


As for your suggestions on how to improve Reflex, we will immediately funnel all profits into hiring Tyryl as a full time developer (if he's not too busy being repeatedly banned from QuakeLive) and will immediately begin work on massive copyright infringement of Bethesda's IP because I hear their lawyers are pretty chill.

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