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thcdm13 - Simplicity

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Apparently I am doing something wrong with the downloads... the video images above all seem to show a very much nicer and newer version of the map:


This one contains a redundant .probe file (32MB .light file is also invalid) and seems to be out of date. It's nice that you have your own site, but I and probably many other folks would prefer to see your maps hosted on Reflexfiles instead... there updates can be done and they are totally obvious to look up.

So where is the new update? And your first post could really use some clean up... better organizing info with sections with headers, removing redundant or out of date info there.

Update: Rereading this, the above came over a tad harsh... sorry if that was so. It just means I actually cared to play the map and liked the images. :)

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Having played on it a few times, I have to say that it is easily one of the best looking maps in reflex. The minimalism was executed flawlessly in all aspects, from the continuous lines that flow throughout the architecture, to the item/ teleporter labels. Color scheme is very nice to look at and doesn't distract much from the action, in some aspects it even helps gameplay, as some shots are easier to line up due to the visual cues you've added.10/10, thanks for making this map 

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thanks guys I'm glad you enjoy the map, big props to arkcoss who have helped me out on this one.

I havent made the link fully public as I've sent it last week to shooter to be included wiht the next PR but it seems its being delayed, once the next patch hits it should be available for everybody as a regular thcdm13 which atm looks atrocious :)

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