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Stake gun hits more than one time.

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Was just playing ATDM and someone shot me with a stake and I died instantly.

I had 100hp/150red and I immediately questioned it and apparently the Stake did 80x4 or 320.

"The hitbox is weird, it registers the hit more than once" was a quote from the person who shot me.

Everyone was trying to shoot stakes afterwards so I left.

Build 0.30.4

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Known issue (stake does 80 damage per server frame that it's inside a player)

What this means is that the longer the stake spends time inside the hitbox the more damage it deals, so it's most likely happening when the target and stake move to same direction or when the hitbox is being shot through z-axis. It is least likely to happen if you move to opposite direction to the stake's trajectory, just strafe sideways a lot and don't stand still (don't let the stakes drag you along with their momentum). With this knowledge not only it becomes rarer, but reproducible, avoidable and adds to the list of possible exploits. Which means it's not any more luckier or random that the other weapons. I suggest you enjoy it while you still can.

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