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thctourney3 (thct3) - Carnival of Doom

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map page - http://thc333.com/reflex/#sixth

direct screens - http://thc333.com/reflex/thct3/index.html


Simple duel map with kind of circular flow, open with lost of connections / cut-outs. If you are able to make stair jumps coming with speed you might like this map even more.


Originally the map did not have RG but people whined about it and seeing how RL is the most dominant weapon nowadays anyway I've added it but it might change in the future depends on where we end up being with the balance.


Currently zero nolight have been used :P I'll update the map with it sometime later but thats the reason why LM is that big and I have fair amount of brushes that it going to take a bit for a proper nolight ;0


prototype stage (without RG)




more videos incoming, thanks to all the people that helped out testing mazu, cremator, flowie, jjuho, wallen to name a few + all those random peeps that keeps joining and getting their ass kicked on a new map :D

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updated with:

  • RL ledge is RA room now has a crate and can be shoot though from below
  • window next to YA (chaingun room) have been moved slightly + spaces between bars slightly enlarged so you have a tinny bit more time and its easier to shoot through a guy that used the tp
  • center had too much hp with 50+2x25+2x5 right next to each other (next to GL) - health adjustments: 2x25 is gone, added 1x5 to a total of 3x5 in that GL connection, added 4x5 on the upper level in LG room so the overall balance of hp is -25 compared to what it was.
  • added the 'mazu jump' - RL ledge in RA room into stairs into 25hp ledge above RA,

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