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Dont know why I lag


Hey, I just got reflex and really enjoy playing the game, but I am having some weird kind of fps lag, I got around 190-250 fps all the time and around 30 ping. When I spectate I never lag but as soon as I join the game and the game starts I get alot of fps lags, why?


My pc specs are the following:

intel core i3 2100

nvidia geforce gtx 550ti

4gb RAM

1 tb hard disk


So, I really need help!



ps: could it be my config? I am using this config:


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It sounds like a weird bug we're still trying to track down. Some people have had luck with different com_maxfps values, some people have had luck disabling their in-game Steam overlay. I can't really offer any more advice since if we knew the cause or could reproduce it, we'd fix it immediately. One day, we'll get the clue we need.

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This is a long shot but is there a valid reason for using that many decimals?:


  1. r_refreshrate 59.953999?
If there is no reason for it then try using r_refreshrate 60 and com_maxfps 180 (or try playing around with other com_maxfps values). I have no idea if this will help but just suggesting some troubleshooting for you. Could also try changing mouse sensitivity? These variables may seem completely irrelevant but you might as well try it.

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