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sventourney2 - Black and Blue

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Another recreation of an old map of mine. This time from Q2 not UT. It was a PlanetQuake Level of the Week. Got the basic architecture and item placement there. Just down to lighting and other flourishes.


I just couldn't get the first rendition of this one working right for Reflex and it all came down to scale. The map was just too damn small. I started over from scratch, literally. I build a brand new map brush-by-brush with bigger scale, better lighting, textures and item placement.


This map has a deceptively simple layout. You may not find yourself getting lost but in the heat of battle the emphasis on vertical design will test your skills.


download: http://reflexfiles.com/file/226





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Finally got a chance to playtest this on the f3already server. For those who don't know those servers have all the reflexfiles.com maps so you can callvote your maps there and people are bound to show for a game.

Forgot how intense this one was! The courtyard is like a rail arena and the other half tricks you into blowing yourself up with the RL. Fun times.

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