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0.33.4 - Fancy UI stuff

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Ever since 0.32 the lightmaps have been unrealistic.  Been waiting patiently to see them come back.  Perhaps I'm doing something wrong in my settings.  Lightmaps used to have realistic lighting where dark areas were pratically completely black if a light wasn't in the area.  Here's a room that should basically be completely pitch black except for light coming from the the teleporter and 1 small overhead light.  You shouldn't even be able to see the gun in front of your face.  Yet the entire room is worldlit and looks like garbage in terms of realistic lighting.  Just wondering if/when we'll see a return of realistic lighting with baked lightmaps.


Also for training maps the powerup icons are undesirable.  Kudos on the UI system.  Lettering is really crisp.  Can't wait to start messing with some UI designs.  Great job.




Add a reflection probe to get more accurate lighting.


And yes, the screenful of megahealth icons is undesirable, but with an actual racemode, you won't need to place 300 MH.

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you need inkscape for draw  crosshairs 6-16, but it's crappy for me, i play with r_resolution 1024 768 on a 1680x1080 monitor, and the crosshairs are fuzzy


they were much clearer in dds


I agree, I don't want the blurry anti-aliased crosshairs. But I guess this can be fixed just by scaling with whole numbers.

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