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Grid Overlay Issues.

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Hey guys, just got into the game a few days ago and I've been playing Quake since 1999, so I'm in love with this game so far and honestly cant wait to see what else you guys bring to the table, because its nothing short of amazing. With that said, I seem to have an issue where my grid overlay isn't working and I cant seem to find where/how to toggle it back on. 


Thanks in advance!



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As your in the mapping area of the forum I take it you mean A Grid in the Editor mode. Short answer there is not one. to get an idea of sizes use the me_snapdistance.

you can put it in yr game config as binds like this

Bind F1 me_snapdistance 2
Bind F2 me_snapdistance 8
Bind F3 me_snapdistance 16
Bind F4 me_snapdistance 32
Bind F5 me_snapdistance 64


to find the center of the map start a new map with the empty.map file (remember to save as to not over write it) and put a 2x2x2 brush down in center and then use that as yr locator.


Hope this helps


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Actually you would want the binding to be something like:

bind me F1 me_snapdistance 2
bind me F2 me_snapdistance 8
bind me F3 me_snapdistance 16
bind me F4 me_snapdistance 32
bind me F5 me_snapdistance 64

this binds the snap distanced to the function keys *only* in editor mode, and not in game mode as well. These bindings would be placed in the game.cfg file. Personally I use these though:

bind me f5 savemap
bind me f6 me_snapdistance 2
bind me f7 me_snapdistance 8
bind me f8 me_snapdistance 16
bind me f9 me_snapdistance 32
bind me f10 me_snapdistance 64
bind me f11 me_snapdistance 512

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