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DQHud Release

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This is a hud that I've been working on for a while now. I'm learning Lua as I go, so there's still lots to do.
I wanted to make a hud that was faithful to my QL hud, but included some changes that I'd prefer to have.

Screenshots: (Click to view full size)
Pn75zU9.jpg?1 WhUUYVl.jpg?1

Download link for latest version: DQHud1.13

I've included two files in the Zip.

  • The DQHud folder, which you can drop anywhere in steamsteamappscommonreflexbase and it will get loaded.
  • A text file with console commands for the widgets, which you need to paste to the end of the game.cfg file. 
  • You'll need to manually hide the following widgets: AmmoCount, ArmorBar, Buffs, HealthBar, PickupTimers, PlayerStatus, ScreenEffects, Timer, TrueHealth, WeaponName, WeaponRack. You can do this easily from the options menu in-game, which contains the new Widgets section. Use the Visible toggle to hide the chosen widget.


Feel free to post any feedback or suggestions below!

UPDATE 17.4.205

  • Fixed the hud for 0.33.4 (PickupTimers was looking very lovely)
  • Added PlayerSpeed widget on the top right corner of the screen

UPDATE 15.4.2015

  • Added a new widget that displays frag messages in Duel mode. Provided by Qualx.
  • Adjusted icon shadows (AmmoCount, WeaponRack, PickupTimers, HealthBar, ArmorBar, Timer)
  • ScreenEffects hidden by default. (was supposed to be hidden in initial release, but oops)
  • Added a outline on MiniScores as a temporary solution to knowing your score.
  • Timer turns red when there's 2 minutes left in the match.
  • WeaponRack ammo text turns red when you're running low and grey when 0.
  • Axe ammo in AmmoCount now displays nothing. Previously "-"
  • Stake is now displayed on the WeaponRack by default


  • Axe and stake gun have been removed from the WeaponRack.
  • TrueHealth has been removed.
  • When at 100 or below health/armor, the text will change color to yellow.
  • When at 50 or below health/armor, the text will change color to red
  • Timer counts up by default. Counting down code can be found inside Timer.lua
  • When there's 5 minutes left in the game, the Timer color will change to yellow.
  • AmmoCount changes color to red when you're running low.

High priority on the To-Do List

  • Scoreboard
  • Chat box once it gets exposed to Lua
  • Spectator ui (PlayerStatus)

The MiniScores widget is a slightly modified version of Bonuspunkt's widget, which can be found here:
The DuelFragMessages widget was provided for the hud by Qualx and the original code can be found here: link

Edited by DraQu

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^thats the kind of hud i was looking for. thx !


the only think i need is the stake gun. can u maybe add an additional link for this hud with stakegun?

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Interesting HUD interpretation... it surprises me that the weapon ammo is left then health then armour... so you seem to look left to right and the ammo and thus the current weapon has highest priority to you? I genuinely ask since I do not play competitively at all. I'd have expected the ammo icon to be larger in the bottom row, to be easier to spot. Then again you probably have each weapon on a specific key and switch to those, so know what weapon you switched to. (At least that is what I have been doing for ages in Q3A, not using 3-9 keys, but mouse wheel, c, shift, r, q, e etc.)


Making the item timers on the right larger is something I'd also have done.


It would be interesting to know the significance of the large timer in orange... I'd have put that somewhere top right or left of the screen.... but you seem to use it a lot? The reasoning behind this would be of interest as well, especially since the item timers now explicitly show and item timing for you.

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Thanks for the credit :)

for the PlayerStatus you might want to look at --> https://github.com/Bonuspunkt/ReflexUI/blob/master/AllPlayerStats.lua


Thank you for all the awesome stuff you've made so far!

If only I wasn't such a novice with Lua, I'd definitely put some of the stuff there to good use. Very cool, nonetheless!   

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Yeah, the ammo count isn't that important to me. The only thing that I need to see is the red color if I'm running low on ammo. Having the health bar on the middle is mostly just what I'm used to, but it makes it easier for me to see all the necessary information in one downward glance.


The timer placement is also influenced by being able to get all the information in one place instead of having to look all around the screen. It's true that with the Pickup Timers the importance of the main timer has been reduced, but it still provides useful information in regards to how much time you've got left to stage a play if you're losing, for example. And, again. It's what I'm used to  :P


Edit: I could have made all of these in one post. Oops, I'm tired.

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interesting and makes sense... the traditional huge numbers for health ammo and armour spread over all the bottom 10% or so of the screen are actually counterproductive to wanting to see things at a glance. I am still playing around with more default and more "frilly" HUD... but that is the luxury I have not caring about competitive play... but the "at glance philosophy" has its plus points.

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