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Post your WIP screenshots!

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Been experimenting with meshes as well. Presently working on AEpyraR2 the mesh version of my brush-only map AEpyraR.

4D82A368171E27CADD9ABAD26A2414D911BE92F8 (1680×1050)

​i dig those pyramids man .. WHAOA.


damn thats an old post, iam quite the tombraider, @ AEon, did that map go anywhere, where can i get it ?:) 

2# edit:

nevermind :P


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Link in my signature... :)... I am still surprised that using actual stone meshes works so well in Reflex and keeps the map playable.

I am still thinking of creating a CTF version of the map, with what you see on the screenshot being one base (to be mirrored), I'd then add a central connecting temple area on different heights. No idea if that would actually get played though.

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The curved geometry is made by spamming prefabs and boxes(dumb work)=can work only if you apply full clip to all this spam otherwise you have really bad fps especially when you turn on sun (16k materials..) the stump curved brushes are from MAD_JIHAD pipes clip prefabs.


​Its nice to know someone used those prefabs. I stopped working on them when I remembered they don't scale with the mesh and produce a few clipping bugs making it stop the player if you go near certain parts of the 90 degree pipe.

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